Amongst The Filth

By Samael

Samael checking in for another interview, the second interview after having spoken with the guys from Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew, bare in mind this is my second interview, but here we go with what went down. Taking the bus down to 665 Smoke avenue, the neighbour of the beast of you will. As I walked in to the house I met Chris, the first Chris. Because as some of you know there are 2 of them. At the same time 2 other dudes were there, to be fair I couldn't really remember there names too well. I was hanging out with Iko, JP, and Chris (the drummer) for a little while.

BSW: So how is your guys's weekend going?

Iko: Pretty damn good, just smoked a whole shit load of pot. (laughs)

JP:Yeah man, that pretty much sums it all up (laughs)

BSW: Nice, so you guys' pretty excited to play with the Dayglo abortions?

JP: Oh hell yeah man, it feels pretty good concidering we haven't been a band for that long it's amazing.

Iko:Yeah, that's amazing. So do you go to any local shows?

BSW: Ah, every once and a while, like for example I interviewed Tinnitus just this past friday.

Iko: Cool man, you should come down to see us with the Dayglos.

At this point I think JP was watching a video of them sped up on Chris' (Vocals) laptop. It was like watching the chipmunks on crack. We laughed and cried, well not really cried but you know what I mean, it was funny. And, while we were waiting for Chris and Jeremy we went on myspace just looking at random bands. Than we went to the basement where they jam for the beginning of the interview, I took a few pictures of the band where you can see it on my myspace.

BSW: So I notice you guys are one of the only bands in Winnipeg, maybe Canada with 2 main vocalists that are male, do you feel that has a part to play with your music and what kind of role do you think it does for on stage work. Do you just play off each other kinda like rappers do, minus you know, the lack of talent?

JP:Yeah, kinda, but mostly it's more like I have a higher pitch, and Chris just has a lower pitched grunt, so it just kinda fits together. Also I've been working on singing lower, but I can't get anything as deep as Chris' vocals yet.

Chris: Exactly, we just play off each others vocals like how he said, but at the same time it's not like it's something people see on a regular basis so it's pretty easy to come up with something.

BSW: Okay well I have a pretty straight forward question, that at the same time is kinda important to know.

Iko: Wow, that's a tough question, hmm, well Lamb of God is a big one.

JP: DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN is another one, really that's probably it, really. Weed also influences us, but it's not a musician so.

BSW: Yeah, but that still counts. It's a big part of metal. Okay well here's another question, well out of the venues you've played at so far, which ones do you think is the best here in Winnipeg?

JP: As much as I hate to admit it, it has to be the Zoo, it's like my home, because I'm always there, whether it's one of our shows or whatever.

Chris: As far as sound it has to be the Albert, but for just being the best it would have to be the Zoo or Ozzy's.

BSW: Awesome, okay well, here's a question that was somewhat answered with a previous question I asked you guys, what influences the music you write if anything?

Chris: We just live in a fantasy world.

JP: What we do is just get really, really high and see what comes out, and what you heard from us is usually what the end result is from that.

BSW: Well, okay this is my second last question for the night, what are the local bands that you associate yourself closer too?

Chris: Mostly Nailbrick, and Igor and the Sindiggers, those guys are crazy good.

JP:Yeah, just mainly the Skindiggers.

BSW: Okay, last question for the night, this mostly concerns with touring and what not, how well do you think Winnipeg responds to music and going to shows?

Chris: Pretty well, it's really easy to book a show at Ozzy's or the Zoo, and a lot of people are just there for the show, and to get drunk and party.

JP: Yeah, Winnipeg's really good when it comes to playing shows, like when we played shows in Vancouver, you'd think that places would be awesome, and lots of people would show up, because of Strapping Young Lad, but no, some places are complete crap. It was shit actually. There might be some nice venues in Vancouver but not the ones I've seen in the past.

And at this point I finished off the interview and the vocalist Chris gave me a ride home, and we talked about music, (Me, JP, and Chris) and they played me some american grindcore bands on the way home. Go check out this band if you are looking for some good old fashion grindcore.

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