Interview with NYKI KING

By Kristie

BSW - So how are things in Montreal Nyki?

NK - You were introduced to music at a very young age. I mean, your father was a musician, did he ever discourage you from becoming a musician?

My dad did everything but discourage us , he bought us instruments at a very young age and My other brothers and I had a group named " The Kings Brothers" my first appearance was at the early age of 5

BSW - What kinds of advice did he give you that you think may have helped out? And advice that may help out other musicians?

NK - Well my dad always told me to never give up and keep at it if it's something you love .... he always gave me good and bad criticism towards how he felt about the music I write ..

Music isn't my hobby it's my passion I always write from the heart and most of my songs people can relate to them in many ways

To be able to touch another person somewhere across the world by writing is "Mind blowing" That’s powerful to me

BSW - I see that you have played with a few bands, but felt compelled to go out on your own. What are the positives and the negatives in doing this?

NK - Actually The last band I was in was pretty decent and had interest from Universal Music Group . However I decided to leave them just before we were going to go across Canada on tour because I had my mind set on what I wanted to do and the rest of the band had other ideas .. I wrote most of the music and helped out with a lot of arrangements .. So I figured I wanted to record my own music and words it was pretty simple ....

BSW - I listened to your songs on “You License” and was pleasantly surprised! I can honestly say I’m diggin your tunes! What is one song that you consider to be your favorite? And why?

NK - I'm glad you liked them .. I like a few for my favorite , but id have to say "Sorry" because it's something personal that I reflected on and I feel I summed it up very well

Tell us abit about “Automatic” and how it came to be.

Well for starts Automatic was a great name for the album because I was triggering everything alone .. meaning getting it done solo .....

BSW - Do you have any plans on recording soon?

NK - I'm actually in the process of recording a full length album that’s more mature I should have some material for everyone to hear sometime late this year

And most important question…any plans on touring? (Winnipeg? Hahaha)

I do plan on touring , but I'm keeping the focus on recording side of things for now. BSW - Where can your fans and our readers (possibly new fans) pick up your music?

NK - Fans can always have a listen to my music at or they can purchase a copy on ITUNES I should be constructing a site but I guess you can keep your eyes open for that

BSW - Thanks for the interview Nyki! Please let me know if you plan on passing through The “Peg!

NK - Your very welcome , thanks for having me ..Keep in touch Kristie