The Dust Rhinos are a five piece butt kickin’ Celtic Rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, the heart of Canada. Their show is pure unrestrained pandemonium designed to make you kick up your feet and party. From the juiced up traditional favorites of Ireland, Scotland and Canada’s East Coast to Celtified rock tunes to the Rhino’s own originals, an evening with the Dust Rhinos is something to remember.

A combination of skilled musicianship, a playful sense of humour, and dynamic stage show set the Dust Rhinos apart from other entertainers. Their ability to bond with the audience make them fan favorites wherever they go. For eleven years, the Dust Rhinos have been entertaining crowds across the prairies, and in the last four years, they have expanded their reach from the prairies to the rest of Canada and the United States. Supporting acts such as Alabama, Moxy Fruvous, Leahy, Kenny Rogers, the Commitments and other top international recording acts, the Dust Rhinos have won over crowds and built a legion of loyal fans.

One of the first Canadian bands to land a number one ranking on MP3.com with Perfect World, the Dust Rhinos followed that with Jedi Drinking Test going number one a year later. They also placed several other songs from the "Got Guinness" CD in the top ten on the MP3.com folk and Celtic charts.

The Dust Rhinos released their fifth CD "Up Your Kilt" in July 2003. Writing eight of the eleven songs themselves, this album is the most personal of all the Dust Rhinos recordings to date. It also features two songs recorded with England’s Oysterband.

The new ep "Second Set" features favorite cover and traditional songs from the live show. Recorded live at one of our favorite venues, Shannon's Irish Pub, the ep showcases the boys at their finest, performing in front of a rowdy crowd.

Live or recorded, the Dust Rhinos are always a good time.