When Type-O Negative meets the Cars, you have Permo, the Alternative Metal meets Power Pop band from the south side of Chicago, four self-described “working-class stoners” who refuse to take life seriously, but aren’t afraid of their dark side. Permo is a group of guys with strong ties to one another, whose experiences of the humdrum day-to-day finds its balance in shared experiences and an occasional joint.

Their music is a way of life, as their devoted South-Side following (The Permosexuals) can attest. This is a lifestyle about enjoying what you've got: the glamour of a dance club, camaraderie of a group of friends, and the experience of the modern working-class life. They have no interest in being the hardest metal out there, but a hard edge works its way into their music, as it does into their everyday lives. Their songs are radio friendly, but have wide appeal. They gig regularly in Chicago, and have received radio play and been interviewed on WXAV, St. Xavier College Radio.

BJ leads the band with his growling and emotion, also playing guitar influenced by Rivers Cuomo and Steven Carpenter. Scotty adds Keys and Noise to the mix influenced by years of listening to Tupak and Dr. Dre. Cutter holds down the low end with his edgy rhythm and roots style.

Permo’s debut album, Romancing the Stoned, will be released in early Spring 2006. For advance copies, please contact management.

"Should 've bought an ounce on Monday, I'm addicted that I can't deny, should've really paid the rent last Wednesday, man I feel like getting high – "

"I feel like dancin’, no time for romancin’, My head is heavy, but she says she’s ready to thrill me, but she’ll kill me."

"Remember when we were young, bruise your lips and bite your tongue. . ."

"You’re difficult, and beautiful and proud, but who’s sorry now?"

"second thoughts, and second chances…tired dreams and tired dances. . .pouring fuel into the flame"

"You and me, unhappy we might be, it’s us against them…you don’t know what I going through, ‘cause I’m 23 and I need some proof that you were in love with me."