It's always been difficult to describe the Brat Attack’s music. One thing is for sure: it’s heavy. The band’s punishing guitar and bass riffs, devastating drums and snarling vocals are inimitably powerful. Rising out of this hard, fast chaos, however, are glorious, stick-in-your-head pop hooks. Songs like “Red Streets,” “Call To Action” and the almighty “Dyno-mite” catch the listener off-guard by combining militant political roaring with sweet bubblegum choruses that are just about as addictive as heroin; hear ‘em once and you’re hooked.

The Brat Attack’s songs are actually a one-two punch. Not only will they take you to previously unimaginable heights of musical pleasure, but they’ll also give you more insight into politics than you’d get from a year of Political Science studies…and all within two minutes. Welcome to the Church of Brat. This band doesn’t just rock; they drop knowledge as well, with songs that will turn even the most a-political kid in the room into a flag-waving convert to the cause.

Much has been made of their dozens of lineup changes and sonic experiments, but the current Brat Attack lineup (Dave Z., Chanelle, Johnny, Billy and Matt) is perfect. The sheer power and energy of their music is enough to knock you flat and their legendary live sets are second to none. There’s a revolution coming, and the Brats are on the front lines, leading the charge. To paraphrase the great Bob Marley, they don’t come to bow…they come to conquer.

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