The Hearse Men play a brand of Punk 'n' Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Metal that has already latched itself onto the eardrums of many. Quick transitions make for the thorough beating, serenading, intoxicating and parading of those within earshot of the band's performance.

The Origin: Picture it...August of 2004... an over capacity, zombie filled church in Garson, Manitoba known as the church of St. Bilsky... Reid (Guitar) [Redneck Zombies], Jordan (Drums) [Liqurd, Fat] and Paul (Bass, Vocals) [Speed Demon, Wazookaa, Gingersnap, Frog] managed to make it through the deadened crowd to play a set of tunes for the hungry audience. The seething tones successfully took control of what was left of the zombified minds thus temporarily ending the brain-seeking pain of Garson's living dead and launching what would be known as The Hearse Men.

To now The Hearse Men have played a handful of shows and are barreling through each occurrence. Some of the notable shows include: "St. Bilsky's Church of the Living Dead" (Garson, MB) w/ Lupin's Rage [August 28, 2004]; The not-too-very-annual "Formal of the Paul" [October 1, 2004]; Lupin's Rage "Every Scar Tells a Story" CD Release Party @ The Zoo (Winnipeg,MB) w/ Three Day Binge, One Nite Only and Vying For Solace (From Edmonton, AB) [November 13, 2004]; "Murder City Zombie Night" @ The Royal Albert Arms (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Igor & The Skindiggers and Ted [April 15, 2005]


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