TNF started with none other than the legendary, mystical, crazy motherfucker Justin "JUICE" Sankar, Tyler Swar, Brad Barton and a pack of Lucky's. Actually, there were no Lucky's back then, So 40's of OE. I'm sure they would have drank a lot of Lucky's if they were around though. Then some guy named Andy played for awhile. No one really cares. Then one day, Jesse Mrazek came along. The next morning, he woke up on Juice's couch with a hangover and mohawk, and shortly after dropped out of school at age 14. Perfect. The 3 of them played a handfull of shows in and around the Winnipeg area, and drank an even bigger handfull of beers. But something was missing in this rock n' roll extravaganza, that's where Devon Mymko, formerly of Public Fallout came into the picture. It was a perfect fit, true love. ;) TNF was stronger than ever, with a ton of shows, some radio airplay and a strong local fanbase. Then it all came to and end for awhile. There was a little falling out with J Mraz, and everyone had their own shit to sort out. Everyone had tried to start new projects, but soon realized that nothing compared to the good times had by TNF. The band reformed a few times with different lineups, but never really did anything. Except girls. That's how we roll. Now, months later, Winnipeg fuckin' pop punk unite! TNF, Public Fallout, First Time Since, and Lackadaysical members have all come together to form the brand new TNF, stronger than ever. Who knows what the future holds.. Juice - Guitar/Vocals Jesse M - Bass/Vocals Cameron Wilks - Drums Devon Mymko - Guitar/Vocals Andrew Free - Guitar/Vocals

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