Like souls waiting to be transported to the other side, the Wayside Five have come together to hitch a ride to the top. The quintets mystical bluesy rock songs, soaked in ambiance and dynamics, are drawing in and seducing audiences everywhere.

All five musicians bring their own unique style to the mix. A fully functional writing team, fueled by a determination to constantly evolve, the band is certain to make some big waves.Innovative and honest songwriting is Wayside's hallmark, striving to create memorable music, leaving audiences craving more. These five troubadours are always ready to face any size audience and draw them into the Wayside experience. Sean Poldens ground shaking, groove orientated drumming combined with Kens rooted and unique approach to the bass guitar, grounds and pounds. The solid foundation provided by this dynamic rhythm section lends to a sound only to be described as huge. Frets burned by musical prodigy Derek Emery provides a dynamic sound and a fuel injected backbone to an already solid line up. Leslie Hajer has an uncanny ability to connect with people on a mass scale, reaching in and tugging at your soul, serving to really set this band apart. Enter Chris Eccles. classically trained and a formidable songwriter in his own right, Chris brings the 5th dimension. His propelling keyboard style, intuitive sonic placement, and honest approach really ties the band together.A stunning presence complimented with haunting vocals and vast soundscapes, Wayside Soul proves as a unique, captivating band with integrity and heart.Simply put ... they ROCK!

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