Backstage Winnipeg "Just Ask Malice"

Some exciting things have happened in the crazy world of Malice Cooper! Our very own Cindy Massey has her own radio show on Krush Radio!!! Get in touch with her if you would like your tunes spun! You can hear her on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 6:00!

Here are the top letters received for Malice this month


Dear Malice;

How did you get started on internet radio and is it fun?



Dear Steph;

Well, I was getting interviewed a lot by Vic Mendoza and being involved in a lot of skype conversations with DJ’s. Next thing I know they were asking me if I wanted my own show. So, I said ok.

Its tons of fun and I think if you have some free time on your hands it’s a great hobby. It currently is taking up quite a bit of my time. Course, I’m in the beginning stages and that’s how it goes sometimes. I figured, might as well tribute Alice to the fullest extent. So, I am and it is completely awesome.

Dear Malice;

Why do you want to dress up like a man?

Weirded out

Dear Weird;

I dress up like a character, which is Alice Cooper. I’m a character in a theatrical, musical cornucopia of entertainment. I don’t think of it as dressing up like a man. I think of it as just getting into costume and playing a part.

Dear Malice;

Do you get to talk to Alice all the time? How many times have you talked to him?


Dear Rena;

I met Alice last year when he played here in Winnipeg. There are pictures on my myspace and it was awesome. I don’t get to talk to him all the time. I’ve only talked to him the one time. I would love to talk to him more regularly but that has not happened as of yet.

Dear Malice;

Can you tell me a story about one of your shows that something stands out and makes you especially laugh?


Dear Ben;

Well there was one show at the zoo that Jesus showed up. He looked like Jesus, was praying in front of me and holding his arms out like a cross. Yup I think that was probably the trippiest thing that ever happened to me. I had to ask everyone to make sure that they saw him too and they had so I wasn’t imagining things. He was really there. I’ve never seen him again though.

Dear Malice;

How come I listen to your radio shows but sometimes you’re on other times? How are we supposed to know when your shows are on?


Dear Dan;

My show times are posted on my myspace. I also post bulletins when I take on extra shifts. Unfortunately that is the only way that I know of to get the word out quickly is posting bulletins in myspace. I do take extra shifts all the time. Just go to or and you will be able to listen to the shows. Tuesday 9-11pm CST on WIRN and Tuesday and Wednesday 3-5pm CST on krush radio.

*No chickens were harmed in the answering of this months questions.*

If you have any questions for Malice, please contact her at

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