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Interview with Blush

By Kristie Allen

BW - First off, who is Blush? And are you all from Winnipeg?

Blush -That's a good question.  Blush started out in 2001 as a writing project consisting of Glen Davies (singer), Paulo Neta (Guitar) and myself (drummer).  Since that time, we've had a few bass players come and go, mostly due to scheduling issues or an inability to tour.  We now have Rob Quarrell and we're pretty confident he's the right man for the band.  Also, we are now taking on a new singer, John Patterson.  He'll be replacing Glen in the performing band.  With the album being commercially re-released in a few months, the band will no doubt be doing alot of roadwork and that's just not possible for some.  Difficult as it was, Glen stepped down to make way for a new singer.  We will still write together, but for the greater good of the project, we needed a lineup that could tour at will.

BW - What are each members musical background? (bands you've been in etc.)

Blush - Glen and I go waaaaayyy back.  We recorded and played in several bands together over the years, including the Shivers (2 albums released on cassette) and Friction Love Corps (1 album released on CD and cassette).  Both gained a strong local following independently but achieved no real commercial success.  Paulo has played in several bands and recorded with a couple including Fleshtone Rockets (released on CD) and Stolen Soul.  Rob and John (who happen to be brothers, by the way) have not been a part of a recording project until now, but both have many years experience performing live.

BW - What is your favourite thing about your music? And do you each have a favorite song you like to play, and why?

Blush - I would have to say the originality.....  Barely ever do we ever hear "Hey, you guys sound just like_________"   We have several influences that are evident in the music, but as for fitting into any of the current specific radio trends, we don't....not really.  That makes it considerably harder to get accepted by record companies or radio stations, but could potentially pay off in the long run.  It is unlikely that a carbon copy band will ever be "The next big thing" best, you'll sound like "The last big thing" ..... a much lower aspiration.  I think the favourite song to play would probably be the single, Word From The Wise, as it's the most recognized of our songs and it gets the most response from the audiences.

BW - Someone has downloaded your music online. Are you flattered? Or are you a little upset because you have spent so much time and money into making your music?

Blush - Flattered.  At our stage in the game, if anyone takes the time to aquire one of our songs it's flattery.  That being said, if you download it and you like it, please support the band and buy the CD.... or a T-shirt.....or even just come to our shows or something.  We appreciate any and every show of support.

BW - What does Blush bring to the table that is different or more exciting than other bands?

Blush - Well....we're very proud of all aspects of the CD....the songwriting, the production, even the artwork but where we truly stand out as a band is in our live performances.  We take the approach that an audience is paying to see us as well as hear us and so in addition to making sure we play and sound as good as possible, we also put alot of effort into putting on an energetic stage show.  We put out 110% every time and that makes the difference between just seeing a band, and seeing a kickass rock show.

6) Name three things you want to accomplish as a musician.

We'd like to

a) have the record picked up by a record label - (just happened)

b) have the record released abroad as well as in Canada - (other territories are still yet to be determined)

c) tour everywhere the record can take us - (see b)

If we accomplish that, I'd consider us to be a success.  The implication of course, is that we would do it all again....and again....and

BW - The life of an average musician can be full of rejection. How does that make you feel? And do you have any advice you'd like to pass onto other bands starting out?

Blush - Rejection sucks, no two ways about it.....but get used to it.  No matter who you are, you will get rejected by record companies, managers, agents clubs and everyone else you approach until such time as your persistance pays off.  We got rejected by several record companies before one picked us up.  If you keep at it long enough, and your record is that good, eventually someone somewhere will recognize the value of your project and get involved. 

BW - I've noticed that you've been on tour quite abit. How have the crowds been?

Blush - They vary and it never ceases to surprise me.  On our last tour, we played for 3 people one night and we played for 300 people the next.  In Chatham, Ont. (our first time there, and with only sparse radio play for our single, Word From The Wise) we headlined to an absolutely packed house of over 300 people.  In Peterborough, where our single had high rotation on the cities big rock station, we played to maybe 6 people.  Both of those are extreme cases, but for the most part we got good sized crowds somewhere in the middle.  The one consistency we had from city to city was audience response....always positive.  At one point in southern Ontario, a few people started following us from city to city to see the next show.  That was a real boost

BW - Speaking of "on tour", are there any local OR famous bands you would eventually like to tour with?

Blush - Sure.  There's a bunch of local bands we'd like to tour with.  Steeplechaser and Driver are two that we know quite well, but there's several others we like but are as of yet less aquainted with too....The Harlots, Inward Eye, Tin Foil Phoenix, Jet Set Satellite to name a few.  There's so many good bands around town right now it can only be a matter of time before some of them truly break.  Other than that, it would be nice to get to tour with a band like 3 Days Grace or Finger Eleven.   We're big fans of theirs

BW - Where can we see Blush next? And where can we buy a cd?

Blush - BLUSH will be playing at Joe's Garage (on Pandora) on Thursday, January 13.  There will be another band playing too, but they are yet to be confirmed.  It'll be Glen's last show with us, so you won't want to miss it.  Until it get's re-released this spring, the CD is only available at Long and McQuade music (Pembina at Stafford) and from us directly.  You can send a cheque (to the address specified at our website ) and we'll mail you a copy right to your door.  Lots of people have been doing that, it's pretty quick and convenient.

BW - Anything else you'd like to add?

Blush - Yes.  Anyone wanting information or to contact the band can do so at this address

Mr. P.J. Burton

Interview By Cindy Massey

BW - Many of our readers may not know that you taught many of the kids in Winnipeg. Are you still teaching in Winnipeg? If you are what School are you at now and what are you teaching?

PJ - Well, I haven't actually taught “many of the kids in Wpg"... only the ones that have gotten in the way. Right now I'm teaching at a school for the siesmologically {no such word lol BSW} impaired. Miles below the surface of the earth. Of course, I jest. I'm actually at WesKay and I love it. Bill Wallace of the Guess Whom is also on staff and I teach English with goldfish and a few spider plants.

BW - So it appears that we have a mutual friend I’ll just call him Wally. He used to be a sound man for you many moons ago, in the early Bunny days. Is it true you puked on the cords on purpose all the time? I spelled the word chords at first bad bad Cindy…needs another year in English class I think.

PJ - Wally would frequently be out of hand cream and would experience severe chafing unless the "cords" were moistened regularly. I have, nevertheless, also puked right on “chords"'s difficult to do as they are ethereal bastards and given to disappearing into thin air, what with not being three-dimensional and all.

BW - Laughing….I noticed in the article regarding Punk History (congratulations), that you were the target of many a spit fight. Does that still happen with what you are currently doing?

PJ - It's true that this was a token of affection slapping some one across the back only a lot wetter... during the early days at punk shows. I don't think anybody really thought of it as something to look forward to and it made the stage slippery. But not as slippery as the times I'd assassinated various fruits and vegetables...nor as bitey as the sharp shards of TV glass after a brisk sledge hammering. Most recently, however, I had an unsuccessful boxing match with that spritely old elf: Santa Clause!!!!! These bloody mythic figures are quicker than you may at first suspect. This coming spring I will be challenging (ironically) the Easter Bunny and light myself on fire.

BW - How Punk! So what have you been doing with yourself lately, how is the CD coming along?

PJ - We have already completed the first track of a 5 or 6 tune EP length CD. As we are part of a Guess Who tribute CD in which 16 Wpg. bands have redone 16 Guess Who tunes. We have done an unstoppable version of “No Time”. Other titles include “ Run with Me” and “I Just Can't Stand Your Fucking Band” both original; the latter being a tune concerned with one of those too-alternative-for-theroom, smarmy, you-can-tell-we're-real-artistsbecause- everything- is-in-a-minor-key batch of self absorbed shallow shit heads. We are also doing, from our usual set, re-arrangements of an Iggy Pop tune ("Pumpin' for Jill") and a 999 tune ("Homicide").

BW - Where is your next gig and what is your current projects name?

PJ - Well, we (The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell) have just completed a series of dates organized by our very own "Rueben Kinkaid" - Del Pannu. Currently, we are recording and should be appearing at a bar near you in March.

BW - Excellent I can’t wait. Who are you playing with right now? I know you have changed members of your band; I haven’t seen you in a while (sorry)? I’ve been very bad!

PJ -The Bunnies are:

P.J Burton- vocal

Clayton Halversen- guitar

Brian Aitken- Drums

Jewels- Keyboards

Jay Sutton - bass

But every one sings and so we use a lot of voices over a really tight rock four-on-the-floor cool cruise hypnotic balls feel. Also, since one of us is ALREADY a girl, we are our own cocktail party and have a lot of fun on stage You should see it before you are killed in a tsunami.

BW - I know most of your band but I didn’t know they were with you…It makes room for a bigger interview in the future. Did you all have a great holiday season? Was there one particular thing over the holiday, which stands out in your mind?

PJ - The holiday season was exactly was a huge holiday. It was a big party with all your closest friends, some living, some wishing they were. It was a swirl of delight! Happily sucked into the openedmouth vortex of a room mounted on box-car springs with a whalers eye for navigation. Thar she blows!!!! It was all about floating in mid- air and listening to snowflakes' high-end sibilance test tubes thrown into outer space,,,,,, Space.....dammit

BW - If there is anything you would like to tell our readers to expect from you in 2005 what would that be?

PJ - They can expect me to visit each and every one of them, whether they're in the hospital or not. Yes, friends, together we can watch the final chapter of the idiocy known as "American foreign policy" (ha-ha) as they sink under the weight of their own hubris. If history repeats itself, and it frequently does, we would now be looking at the final rantings of the toofat drunken guy too embarrassing at the party for people to actually say "Nobody cares what you say anymore. You're just too stupid." It must have been similar to the way homo sapien felt about the thick and slow neanderthal. Primitive monkeys they are. They would be amusing if they weren't so dangerous. They talk like fools and actually believe they are to be seen as saviors of the "free world" yet they are its biggest threat. Note to the spineless who feel we shouldn't dare be perceived as "Anti-American": Is it "anti-dog" to note that your pet has shit on the carpet, ruined your shoes, and bitten the neighbors? No. It is simply commentary on the nature of dogs. Some dogs. Bad doggy. Besides, it's not about "Anti- American" it's about "Anti-Stupid"

BW - I’ll leave this area for you to say whatever you would like to our readers. Thank you so very much for the interview Mr. Burton. Rock On!

PJ - I can think of no better advice than this: Why don't you come out and see us, we'll have a drink and speculate on the hope that Bartley Kives may get into that little canoe of his and paddle off into the dim past of critics well passed their usefulness, never to return. Well that interview was exhausting…I assume the show will leave me as exhausted as well. I can’t wait. No vegetables were squished during this interview to my knowledge.

Interview with Arctic Circle

By Kristie Allen

BW – Introduce your band to us. And why did you name your band ArcticCircle?

AC - ArcticCircle is a power trio combining the creativity of: Sean Vermentor, electric guitar and channeled voices. Jon Thundercloud, drums and cymbals, and Chris Nethery, bass, acoustic guitars and headships.

BW – How long have you been together and how didyou all meet?

AC - Jon and myself go back to '98 where we played in another band. I was introduced to him through his girlfriend. We played as a 3 piece with her on vocals; she was pretty good, actually. If you weren't watching you'd swear it was a guy up there! Anyways, on to the present day and a couple of singers later and I am handling vocals. Chris, the bass master was a friend of Jon's from awhile back. We needed a bass player and he was more than adequate on the low end frequencies. This line-up has been the same since '01.

BW – Describe your music.

AC - We are definitely metal and it probably shows with my spelling! Categorically, A combination of all the 'extreme’ genres: Black, Death, Doom, Thrash metal. There is a 'Grind' influence there as well. But I like to think of us as a Darker metal band as the music and lyrics are inspired by horror movies, hp love craft, space & time, the esoteric, dreams/ nightmares, fears, etc...

BW - You have recorded two albums. Where did you record them? And where can we get a copy?

AC - Our first release, "Cult Weapons" was recorded at PrivateEar Studios in Winnipeg. We had Craig Boychuck engineer and produce for us. We liked him so much we requested his services again and went off to the Northern Records Studio retreat for a weekend. That was a great time as well! You can find copies of Cult Weapons at select Disc Trader and CD Plus stores in Winnipeg, also at Music Trader in the Exchange district. Our latest release will be mastered at the end of Jan. Then will be released sometime shortly thereafter, there isn't a title as of yet. It's quite heavy though.

BW – Are you playing out a lot these days? And where can we see you next?

AC - Not playing too many shows. We just took a 2 month break from each other. We are concentrating on writing and rehearsing new material. Not that we don't like performing live! We are trying to get on a bill in March in Winnipeg featuring other local bands Diademegion, Of Human Bondage, Serrated. So we'll see what happens.

BW – How have the crowds been at your shows?

AC - It's kinda mixed around here. We are pretty heavy so it's like a love us or hate us thing. We went out west last summer and played to some receptive audiences. The Lethbridge DethFest was killer! For a band like us we have to get out there and tour, our crowds aren't around here.

BW - Are you planning on making a website? And if so, when can we see this

AC - We had one up actually, but it was taken down to be revamped and we are still waiting!

BW - Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

AC - Ok listen up all you fans of ours! Go out and buy our cheaply priced, quality-produced demos from the above locations and buy us a beer at the next show!

BW - Thanks for the interview!!! If there is anything else you would like to add or talk about, please feel free to add it!

AC - If you can't find our release in the stores than get a hold of us for a copy of "Cult Weapons" and other fine obscure demos. Think for yourself and take hold of the other side! or

Interview with One Black Rose

By: Cindy Massey

(Sorry, this interview was a bit late!)

BW - So you are playing Dec. 17 in Morris, what can we expect to see at your show?

OBR - Well that brings up a story. We get to Morris, and they have a power outage all accross the city,but the show went on. Dan and I (Jordan) threw together a 4 song accoustic set just for kicks, but thats pretty much it. The power didnt come back on until a couple of hours later, but by that time our bassist had already left with all of our equipment.

BW -You sure have an informative web site; I almost don’t know what to ask. I guess the only thing you might have left out, would be, if you were an animal what type of animal would you be?

OBR – Ha Ha, well… I think I would be a kangaroo. they're fast and jump high and can put up a fight. Dan here would be a gorilla, because just yesterday he read about a gorilla who can speak sign language in the Guinness Book of World Records, and gorilla's are pretty smart.

BW - Sorry just had to ask. Anyways, any idea when your next show might be?

OBR - We're not going to play anymore shows until January. Dan is leaving for Dominican Republic on the 26th, so we'll do some writing over Christmas and hit the shows again in January with a couple of new songs.

BW - Who writes the lyrics for your songs?

OBR - I (Jordan) write all the lyrics to our songs.

BW - Is the music generally started by only one band member example does it mostly start by guitar riff?

OBR - Well when the band first started I had alot of songs I already had written, so the guys just learned them and we played them. But now when writing new songs, it usually starts with me and dan jamming and I have a guitar riff that he writes drums to or even I write guitar to a drum beat he has, and we go from there.

BW - Will you be trying to become a 4-piece band again or do you want things to stay the way they are?

OBR - For the time being, were fine as a trio, but if someones comes along who will contribute to the band positively, its always nice to have a back up guitarist to fall back on.

BW - Are you going to record independently or are you going to do the shop for the top route?

OBR - We'll we recorded a descent demo in Dan’s basement with the help of Emery Hiebert (lead singer of Saving Summer), but they're just samples, and they aren't perfect quality, but we just sent a couple of demos out to some companies, so we'll see what happens.

BW - If you could meet a famous musician who would it be and why?

OBR - We'll, if I could meet anyone dead or alive, I would have to pick Kurt Cobain because even though their music isn’t the most complicated, it had the best sound of its time and changed the face of rock music as we know it today. Nirvana's live performances were high energy and it left the crowd wanting more, and you can't help but love the smashing of the instruments. If I had to pick someone alive, I would pick Bert McCracken, lead singer of The Used. He has an amazing vocal range, that just knocks me off my feet everytime I hear it, not to mention their song writing abilities… and he has one of the best screams I have ever heard. (Dan agrees with my opinions)

BW - Is there anything else you would like to share with us that isn’t on your website? (

OBR - We're currently writing a couple of new songs, which should be up on the site in mid January. Oh and hopefully by then we will have a new site up because the one we have now is pretty shady and needs some work. We have a show comming up on Feb.4th at the West End Cultural Centre which everyone should come check out. There will be info up on that following the new year.

BW - Thanks for the interview guys I look forward to taking pictures of you maybe if you play in Winnipeg.

OBR - Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

Interview with GORDO (From Freq107.1 fm)

By Kristie Allen

He's been rocking the airwaves for years. He's been supporting the local music scene for longer; as he too is a talented musician. Who is he, you may ask? It's the one, the only, Gordo!

BW - 1st off, how did you become interested in becoming a radio d.j.? And where did you work before 92 citi and Freq 107?

Gordo - I'm a frustrated musician. Was drumming in a local band, called STEPCHILD before getting into radio. Was tired of making $75 per week. I also was working at a recording studio here in Winnipeg (called Century 21 Studios) and was hired to write and sell radio jingles. My brother was working in radio at a station in Dauphin around the same time and I used to go up there on weekends to hang out with him. At a small town radio station djs are required to read news, sports, weather, funeral announcements, etc (all things that small town radio is known for) and my brother used to hate doing anything except introing the songs, so when I would do the news/sports/etc when I would visit him. We used to sound exactly alike (genetics) and one day the owner of the station walked in and asked if that was me on the radio--then offered me a job. I told him I wasn't looking for a job and returned to Winnipeg to continue with my band. After a year, my brother left Dauphin and the owner called me up and offered me a job again. As I was getting tired of eating Katsup sandwiches, I took the offer and spent two-and-a-half years at 73 CKDM "The Rock of the Prairies" (we used to be the only AM radio station in North America playing Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Accept).

BW - How long have you been a d.j.?

Gordo - I have been a radio dj since 1983. I worked at CKDM for two-and-a-half years. Then Brandon's KX-96 for a year; followed by a year at Moose Jaw's 800 CHAB, before being recruited by 92 CITI FM in 1987...which I worked for until Sept. 17, 2004.

BW - Out of all the interviews that you have done, which one was your favorite or which one sticks out in your head the most?

Gordo -I have probably done hundreds (if not thousands) of interviews over the years, so don't really have a favorite, but I have talked with everyone from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. The ones that stick out the most are the ones with the most personality... Tommy Lee and Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Sebastian Bach (ex- Skid Row), Eddie Money, Alice Cooper, Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Gene Simmons (Kiss)...too many to mention.

BW - I am sure that throughout your career, you have met somepretty amazing musicians. Any musicians that you wanted to interview and didn't get the opportunity to? If so, who was it?

Gordo -One group that I've never interviewed, but would like to one day is U2. Our paths have never crossed, but maybe one day!

BW - You have always supported the Winnipeg music scene through your show "The Buzz". Do you have any local favorites?

Gordo - Once again, too many favorites to mention. Winnipeg has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the country (with the latest crop including DRIVER, THE WAKING EYES, BURNTHE8TRACK, PROJEKTOR, TIN FOIL PHOENIX, to name a few). Each year, THE BUZZ interviews at least 40-50 bands each year, and now that I'm at FREQ-107 (who are strong supporters of local talent) we feature a different local band each day on the program.

BW - You played drums for local act "Geezer", have you played with anyone else? And is there anyone that you would like to play with in the future?

Gordo - Over the years I have played drums with STEPCHILD, DAVE WEBBER BAND, ZIGFRIED KAOS, ELECTRIC LUNCH ORCHESTRA, and GEEZER, and over the years I have jammed on stage with Wild T, Honeymoon Suite, Burton Cummings, Goddo, Harlequin, Pumps, and many others.

BW - Is "Geezer" planning to do any upcoming shows?

Gordo - I think GEEZER has retired.

BW - You have, an internet company? How is this going? And tell us about it.

Gordo - I am currently working on my internet project that I started several years, and several hundreds of thousands of dollars ago. I formed a company called ROCKPREP.COM where we will soon be offering Radio Stations across North America the latest rock news and status reports on whatever band you are looking for (we have 1,600 artists in our data base, with bios, discographies, news, voice clips and tour dates on each artist). We are currently trying to restructure the company and should be up and running in late-2005!

BW - Tell us a little about your show on Freg 107?

Gordo - After a contract dispute with 92 CITI FM, I moved my rock news/interview program "The Buzz" to FREQ-107 in October of 2004. The program is owned entirely by myself, and besides the content, I am responsible for sales and marketing of the show. FREQ-107 is a great place to be. The environment and station culture is terrific (to quote Donald Trump). Being a locally owned radio station, there are no consultants or muckety mucks--just people committed to playing new rock, especially indie and local stuff. The Buzz is a good fit.

BW - Any interviews lined up, that you can tell our readers? And what time can we hear your show?

Gordo -Tons. We usually line up interviews a couple of weeks in advance, so in the next few weeks expect to hear from SUM-41, THE TRAGICALLY HIP, PRIMUS (Les Claypool), RICH ROBINSON (ex-Black Crowes), VINCE NEIL (Motley Crue), DOCTOR (ex-Watchmen singer Danny Greaves' new band) and many more! "THE BUZZ" is heard weeknights from 6pm-to-7pm on FREQ-107.

Interview with Matt Williams

By Kristie Allen

“Matt Williams was born and raised in Georgetown, SC, a small town on the coast between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. While this isn't exactly a place known for music, Matt says, "I was saved by my parents record collection." Some of his earliest musical memories are hearing and seeing his parents dance to Motown and Beach music records. Another early memory was hearing "Strawberry Fields Forever" and being freaked out and then comforted by the strange sound of John Lennon's voice. After graduating from high school, Matt and his older brother formed a band called Irene's Kitchen. It was a successful group in the area, playing for four years all over the state. "It was a wonderful learning experience for me. We played for 1,000 cheering people and we played for four or five who just stared at us, and then left." After Irene's Kitchen disbanded, Matt moved to Austin, TX in late 2001 to start his music career. Since arriving, Matt has been slowly breaking into the Austin music scene. He has been honing his performing skills at Saxon Pub, Flipnotics, CaféYou can find out more about Matt at: As quoted from his website.

BW - I was surprised to learn that you are so young, and have done so much with your music so far! When did you start playing?

Matt Williams - I started playing the guitar and singing when I was 18. It was something I never picked up because my older brother had already been playing for some time. It was some sort of a competitive thing between brothers. Anyway, a friend accidentally left a guitar at my house and there was a Beatles songbook we had lying around. I learned “Good Day Sunshine” first and then really started exploring the Dylan and Neil Young stuff I was totally immersed in.

BW - You can play many instruments, how did you learn all of them? And is there any instrument you prefer to play?

Matt Williams - Well, I’m really nothing more than a song-serving guitar player. I really enjoy playing rhythm guitar and trying new ways of approaching that in a band format. Those are the players I listen to mostly. The guy in the background of those Motown records playing the down-strokes is what gets me off. I can play a bit of piano, which is all selftaught, although I need to practice more. It’s more of a writing tool. In the studio working on this record, I played quite a few percussion and toy instruments. I don’t approach instruments in very technical ways, which will hold me back. I tend to try to find a creative way of extending what I know.

BW - How would you describe your music? And what do you write about?

Matt Williams - I would describe my music as fun, thoughtful, witty, funky, slow, fast, sad, honest and dishonest. I like to go wherever I smell trouble. I want it to be instantly catchy and different. I don’t want to be pigeonholed into a genre. One of my favorite songs in the world is “My Good Old Desk” by Harry Nilsson. It’s a song that relates a desk to reliability in an ever-changing world of doubt and fear. It’s quite a scary song to me but wrapped in a beautiful melody and arrangement.

BW - You have been to many places. What would you say is your favorite place to play?

Matt Williams - I always love going home to South Carolina. However, in Austin there’s such a freedom. People expect a little weirdness and individuality. In some places, it’s not a good quality to be different. In fact, I find it scares some people to see something they don’t understand.

BW - I know that many parents think that they're child may be going Through some sort of "phase" and not support their dreams. Have you had alot of support from friends and family to persue your career?

Matt Williams - I have had quite a bit of support from family and friends. My parents worry as most will. They want to see some results of course. I should give them a daily update to keep them optimistic. That kind of support is important but it’s the kind you expect. It feels better when a complete stranger thinks enough to support and encourage you.

BW - Tell us a little about your c.d.'s and where one can purchase them?

Matt Williams - The record I put out in the spring of 04 is a fun record. It was a culmination of my RnB fascination. It has upbeat, funky songs and slower ballads. It also has some weird pop stuff in the vein of the Beatles, the Talking Heads and Randy Newman. I wanted to do something I wasn’t sure would work for me. I’m pleased with how it turned out and I’m looking forward to my next record.

BW - What can one expect to see at one of your shows?

Matt Williams - A big band on the stage! I do stuff from the record and that includes a horn section and a piano player as well as a standard rhythm section. We have a lot of fun because all of the players know and respect each other. We try to give that to the crowd. I typically pull out a song by one of my favorite artists too.

BW - Any plans on coming to Canada?

Matt Williams - I would love to come to Canada. I have a musician-friend that just moved back to Ontario. Of course, I would have to be able to finance the trip. I would love to come if you all will have me.

BSW: Well, we’d love to have you Matt!

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