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Interview with 20 Pound Shovel

By Kristie Allen

BSW: First off, who is "20 Pound Shovel"?

ALL) We’re three young kids from Ste Anne MB who love punk music.

BSW: What is the meaning behind your band name?

Matt) Just a random name!

Jay) Yeah just an “out of the blue” kind of thing.

Luc) Saw a shovel in the snow. Its random.

BSW: You are all so young (13, 14, 15, when did you first start playing individually and then as a band?

Luc) I was about 10 when I started playing guitar and 12 when I started with 20PS.

Jay) I started playing drums in spring 2003 but have been playing guitar for five years now.

Matt)I started playing bass November……2003 and as a band November 2003 as well.

BSW: Who are your influences and what do you write about?

Luc) Green Day, NoFx, whatever.

Matt) Hmmmmmm I guess Green Day they have really good melodies. I write about random thoughts mostly, whatever is in my head at the time.

Jay) I love My Chemical Romance right now but I love a lot of local stuff. I love the Crackdown and Sorry about the Catfight. I like to write about whats going on in life and in the world in general.

BSW: I noticed that you were recently in a contest to play Stagefest 2005 in Steinbach, but did not win. BUT, you recently got a record deal with Criminal Records. How did this all come about?

Matt) We sent the demo to freq 107 and we won. At Stagefest they were looking for heavier bands then us and we didn’t fit the profile.

Luc) They’re all into the whole hardcore thing over there.

Jay) Yeah and we lost to a great band named The Blessed End I’d go check them out at Stagefest.

BSW: Did you record your own demo? And if not, who did?

Matt) No we did not record our own demo, props go out to Mike Daher.

Luc) We recorded with my guitar teacher Mike Daher.

Jay) Mike made us who we are today. He’s the greatest. We owe it all to him.

BSW: What do your parents and friends think about this record deal? And has everyone always been supportive of your band?

Matt) They’ve been supportive since the start.

Luc) Yeah mostly.

Jay) They were supportive but at first it was not as supportive as it is now.

BSW: Did you ever think in a million years that you would get a record deal already?

Matt) I just never expected to get one this early. It’s crazy.

Luc) No didn’t expect it to happen.

Jay) I wanted one but I didn’t think it would happen.

BSW: Tell us about the people at Criminal Records.

Matt) They have a lot of courage to put that much money and time into us.

Luc) Really nice they have a lot of faith in us and they think we have potential.

BSW: When do you expect your record to be available to the public?

All) fall 2005.

BSW: Any shows planned in the near future?

Matt) No not really were really busy in the studio now so in a bit maybe.

Luc) Nope too busy in the studio.

BSW: Anything else you would like to add or tell your fans?

Band) We Love you and thanks for all of the support.

BSW: Well thanks for the interview, and keep us posted as to what is happening with you!

Interview with WaySideSoul

By Kristie Allen

BSW: Who is Wayside Soul?

WSS: Leslie Hajer – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Derek Emery – Guitar, Vocals

Chris Eccles – Keyboards, Vocals

Sean Polden – Drums

Kenny K – Bass

WSS: Together, we are a like minded group of creative individuals bent on living the dream, which to us means taking our music to as many people as possible and having as much fun as we can while doing it. Hell Ya !!

BSW: What is the meaning behind your band name?

WSS: Wayside Soul, to us, is about the peace in each one of us waiting and wanting to escape the constrains of society and reaching out for something more real. The question is...what does it mean to you?

BSW: Who are your influences? And do you think it comes through in your music?

WSS: There are definitely some heavy Led Zeppelin influences in the bands sound, but I think we are influenced by almost everything good we hear in our daily lives. And with so many talented musicians out there it happens almost every day. Weather we notice it or not. The trick about influences, The real issue most of us has is that our influences only represent a part of who we are. Our influences obviously show to a point. But Waysides sound is an evolution of that, we are fiercely original, something that comes naturally to us as a band. Some other favourites in the band would be Foo Fighters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Our Lady Peace, Puddle of Mudd, and of course The Hip!! Our influences inevitably come through in our songs. They are the inspiration behind our collective choice to make a career of expressing our love of music.

BSW: How old are all of you? And are you all from Winnipeg? Or the Interlake?

WSS: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!! Seriously though, we’re anywhere from 21 to 34. but we all feel like 21, full of piss and vinigar, ready to take on the world!! We all live in Winnipeg, but origionally, we are from all across Canada, and like so many musicians these days, we were drawn to Peg city. Great city, awesome music scene.

BSW: I noticed that your first gig was in a barn in Balmoral, MB. How was that?

WSS: The barn was a blast. It was the coolest big red barn that any of us have ever performed in. Looked felt and smelt like a barn !! The building had been converted in to basically this huge hall, complete with a bar. We played in the loft, was a blast !! It was a really good environment for our fist gig, friendly and accepting. It gave us a really good opportunity to cut our teeth as a band. Some of the boys from Devoid got up and jammed the night away. Good guys. The reception was great, and the party after was amazing !! Small towns party HARD !! I think there might be a repeat performance… maybe.

BSW: Describe your music for us.

WSS: Our music is a fusion of our various personal styles. Combining elements of Rock, Blues funk and maybe even a little stoner rock. But at the end of the day we’re a rock band through and through.

BSW: Describe your writing process for us.

WSS: Derek and Chris usually introduce new riffs and progressions to the group and then the ideas are refined arranged tweaked practiced and then polished. Or, thrown out. Depending on the level of success of the track. Tracks will usually go through 3 or 4 stages before they are refined to our liking. Things have been becoming far more band orientated with the addition of Sean Polden on drums. He has really kicked the band in the ass, and brings a new dimension. The band is writing more as a band, which is always a good thing, very healthy. We’re very excited about the future of the band, in all aspects, not only songwriting. The lyrics usually are the last edition with Leslie churning them out as we work out the kinks. Tracking and demoing, well that's an extention of all that, another step in the evolution of our music. The band is self produced, and we have built our own studio, so that gives us the advantage of time. really affords us the oppertunity to really polish the songs up.

BSW: Do you have any cd’s or demos out that the public can listen to? And if not, do you plan on recording something in the near future?

WSS: We have one four-song demo that we recorded with our original line up. There are clips from that demo on, and we encourage the sharing of those files. But with the line-up changes, we are very excited to get back in the studio, We will be releasing a new demo in August and then our first full-length album by winter.

BSW: What is your ultimate goal with this band?

WSS: The ultimate goal is to take it as far as it can go. Sharing our love of creating new music with people all over the world

BSW: Do you have anything that you would like to add, or say to your fans?

WSS: It’s all about the live show… See you there!! Be Cool ~ Wayside Soul ~

The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell

Interview By Cindy Massey

BSW: So I've interviewed P.J. and now I would like to take this opportunity to interview the rest of this legendary Band. Ladies first I guess. Jewls, how long have you been playing keyboards?

Jewls: Well, aren’t you sweet. I’ve been playing piano for a long time…many years.

BSW: Where did you take your courses?

Jewls: Who the hell can remember? I took lessons for a few years when I was little, but I’m mostly self-taught. I play more by ear as I don’t know much music theory.

BSW: Could you describe your character in the band for us and tell us about other projects you've been in?

Jewls: I don’t really have one – I’m just myself. I think that’s enough. I like to dress up, play and have a great time. That’s probably why I’ve been in some obscure tribute acts over the years, such as Marilyn Manson and Motley Crue. I also write and sing for my own band – b.u.m.p.

BSW: Jaie your character in the band really freaks me out. What is its name and what is it all about?

J: I don't know who this Jaie character is that you speak of, but I would love to screw his wife and make him shotgun one of my shits!!!! Call me "ARBUTH", or "A-man". I've been sent to wreak havoc on fans old and new, to achieve the bottom end decibalization of all things wimpy. I hate anything with hazelnut, love everything fishy, and believe that full on frontal nudity should be legal! I'm rude and horny at all times, and I smell fuckin' horrible...just the way I like it, dirty and wet!!! Next fuckin' question!!

BSW: you have a unique bass style and you have new toys would you like to describe your style of playing and what you're current equipment is?

J: My style of playing??? I tear the fuckin' stage apart if I can, I just happen to be wearing a four string club around my neck while I do it. I don't know how to play that thing, it plays me. I have a "bass synth wah" by Digitech that helps me transmit my mind altering powers throughout the crowd, the digital signals are quite astonishing, everyone on my planet said it could'nt be done...I showed those fuckers!! I've hypnotised everyone to believe that I know what I'm doing and I can see it's worked!!

BSW: how long have you been playing and where or how did you learn to play and who is your mentor?

J: I've been playing since I first came across my dad's porno collection. I learnt from the best, Johnny, Ron, Brad, all those motherfuckers knew how to get it done! Porn eventually became the 'Cosby show', or 'leave it to beaver' on my planet...I used to love watching 'Bangkok connection' before going to training camp every morning. My mentor you ask...that's funny!

BSW: Clayton as guitar player for this project what can you tell us about your experiences?

C::I guess you might say this outfit is in a perpetual state of nutty euphoria. We have so much fun together it is stupid. We're like a bunch of crazy idiot kids most of the time. To me, the best part about jammin' with the coa-coa bunnies is that nobody's afraid to play FUN ROCK AND ROLL music.. and when we sit down and come up with stuff.. it's just crazy-fun-wierdness. I call our frontman/leader P.J.Burton: "P.J. Barnum". I think that sums it all up. The other great thingabout the Bunnoids is that I GET TO PLAY EXACTLYANYTHING I WANT ON MY GUITAR. If for fun we play an old Elton John tune or something and I take a solo.. I might pull out an octatonic scale, some of an East Indian Raga, or an excerpt from Schoenberg's 3rd String Quartet… whatever, who knows… AND IT'S OK!!

BSW: How long have you been playing for and who are your influences?

A: I have been playing on and off for ever. Since Winnipeg was a swamp. I have been very fortunate though.. because over the years I have been exposed to all the BEST music... and all of it has made a big impression on me. I guess I can sum them all up as "punctuation marks" thoroughout my life. When I was 7 yrs. old I discovered Jimi Hendrix. 9 years old I discovered Captain Beefheart. When I was 14 I discovered Chick Corea. 16 yrs? - John Mclaughlin and Alan Holdsworth. At 18 I discovered Bela Bartok's String Quartets No. 3, 4 & 5. That was a biggie. Then there was my "free-jazz" phase. Somewhere after that I discovered some old Black Flag records thru a friend of mine. That was big too. I'd have to say THAT was my true indoctrination into rock music. When I went back to school to study music, we got to analyze tons and tons of great music… I loved it so much... who would of thought Chopin was so psychedelic?? Man!! Basically though - it's been a real mish-mash. I still listen to Lutoslwoski, I also listen to Slayer and The Dillinger Escape plan, I still listen to Brahms and Steve Coleman too... and yes - I still have a copy of "Damaged" by Black Flag.

A: What I do for a living is centered around computer music… MIDI, publishing, audio recording - in my little studio here at home. I have been doing "mock up" recordings for the new Coa-coa Bunny CD. It's pretty close to demo-quality… drums, keyboards, etc. Basically, P.J. Barnum would phone me and say: "What about some big strings playing along with this or that?.." and I'd do it and mix it down & burn the thing to CD to play for the rest of the Bunnies at a rehearsal to get their Impression of it. It's kool.

BSW: Brian, as the Rock of the Rock n Roll in this band, how would you describe playing with this unique bunch of individuals?

B: I love each and every one of them, and it instantly becomes a party each and every time we get together. And not only are they all beautiful people, they are all total pleasures to work with. As for being the so-called “rock” of this band, well, let me just say that they all make it very easy to keep things together. Every one is just so talented, and each person brings something special to the chemistry of our sound.

BSW: You have a very awesome drumming technique where did you learn to smash those drums like that?

B: As for my drumming “technique”, that was basically a self-taught accident. I grew up in a small town (Arborg) where there were no drum instructors to take lessons from, so I basically figured out how to play the drums by myself. By the time I was old enough to drive myself into Winnipeg for drum lessons, I had already learned several bad habits. In my early playing years I was jamming in garage bands with guitar players who would constanly crank the volume knobs on their distorted solid state Peavey amplifiers to the point where I was forced to play the drums as hard as I possibly could just to be heard. As a result, I had learned to smash the drums at a consistently high volume. I play more with my forearms and my entire body than I do with my wrists. I’m not exactly a pretty or graceful drummer to watch, but I do make quite a spectacle of myself back there. I make a lot of noise from behind those drums, and I make plenty of strange faces, too.

BSW: Who are some of your mentors?

B: Hmm. It’s impossible to name any one person. Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters, Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick, and Stewart Copeland from The Police all come to mind. All of these guys are simplistic, hard-hitting drummers who have backed up some seriously great rock bands. Dave Grohl totally inspires me for proving to the world that he is so much more than just Kurt Cobain’s drummer in the way that he writes, plays guitar and leads the Foo Fighters. It’s hard not to admire that.

BSW: This is for all of you to answer, what is it like to work for the legendary P.J. Burton?

J: I don't work for anybody...get that fuckin' straight right fuckin' now! I move, shit, fuck, speak, drink, whenever the fuck I want!

B: The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell were one of the very first bands I ever saw. In fact, I was 15 years old and had gotten into the Zoo to see them. I was blown away. So yeah, it’s kind of cool to be a part of this band. I’ve been playing with P.J. for 11 years now, and he’s a good friend.

Jewls: Do you mean this time or the last time? We definitely should have our own sitcom! There’s never a dull moment.

BSW: Where can we see the Bunnies next?


B: In the basement, next Saturday. Come join us, and bring sandwiches!

BSW: If you would like please take this opportunity to tell our readers anything that you would like.

J: The Bunnies have a fuckload of original material that you're not hearing, I think that most of you fans would rather hear Walk, Sex After Death, or Vicious Crime then "saw her standing there" by the fuckin' beatles. Make a phone call, send an e-mail, make it happen...

BSW: Thanks so much for the interview you guys and can't wait to get together for some more insane fun. There you have it folks. What an awesome bunch of people!

Interview with Forgetful Jones

By Crystal Mckay

BSW: As being part of the local scene do you feel there is enough being done to help you get noticed around the city?

FJ: Well I think essentially that's up to the band. You somewhat control how much exposure there is about you. You can't just write some tunes, sit back, and wait for the world to take notice. At the same time it would be great if some external groups would help promote us. I wouldn't complain.

BSW: What do you hope the cd brings for you and your band?

FJ: More CDs. We released the demo in hopes to reach producers and record labels. The idea being to show our potential in the three songs. We also are trying to re-establish a fan base. After over a year of hiatus and a new singer we're kind of staring green again, which is why we printed 600 copies of the demo to give out for. Everybody loves free.

BSW: How long has everyone in the band known each other? and how did you all first meet?

FJ: We've known each other for years, through the different bands we've been in. It was a lot of "Hey how's it goin'"'s and small talk for me. I didn't really become friends with them (Chris Gaudry, Jeremy Williams, Jon Kirouac) until I joined up with them in The Velvet Pill in late 1999. Now I can't beat them off with a stick. Bastards.

BSW: Do you have a traget audience you are trying to catch? or do you hope everyone and anyone will come out to the shows and check your stuff out?

FJ: We really don't care about target audiences, partly because we don't know who our target audience is, but more because we're trying to take the simplest approach to marketing our band. That approach is: "Hey, check out our music. Check out our shows." If you don't like it, we respect that. If you do, even better.I'm not saying that we figure we'd get the same reaction at an old folks home as we would a high school... but if Grandma Mae and Little Timmy wanna grind to our tunes... well that would be kinda weird, but more power too them.

BSW: If you could wish for one thing, besides riches and fame what would it be, and why?

FJ: Roadies!! Fuckin' Roadies. I'm so glad someone finally asked me that question, because I always bitch, while loading gear of course,: "I don't want fame, fortune... I just want fuckin' roadies." And maybe a tour bus.

BSW: Being a Winnipeg band, what would you suggest for a venue for someone to play at if they were coming to winnipeg to play?

FJ: Well that all depends on the style of the band as well as who you're playing with. But I've always been a fan of the West End Cultural Centre. It's awesome, aside from the fact that someone always gets their car broken into.

BSW: To let us know who Forgetful Jones is, tell us fans something about the group, that one right now would not know, and would really catch our attention?

FJ: It's like Rita Macneil wrapped in bacon. Really fat. How's that? Seriously though, we've got a driven progressive sound with socially motivated lyrics and crunchy guitars. You'll like our music if I give you a copy of our demo. If you don't, you can keep it for free. Heh heh.

BSW: Do you feel confident that if you were to become famous, no one would become big headed and form a big ego, or like most people you are uncertain of that, but say it did happen, what would you do to that person?

FJ: Luckily for us, most of us have super-inflated egos already. So that's not a problem. And Jer and myself have phsically huge heads to begin with... so we're prepared. It's hard to predict what would happen. So many external things can cause power struggles or "assholeness." I hope I could deal with it, but who knows. As a band we're pretty good about telling someone when anothers rubbing them the wrong way. Maybe we should stop rubbing altogether.

BSW: Who would you say your idol(s) are and do you believe that they were any sort of influence to forming the band?

FJ: Well for singing I think it's safe to say my idol would be Mike Patton. He can do anything. I think Jer (singer) might agree too. My idol bands were Metallica and Zepplin and Floyd back in the day. Nowadays I get easily influenced by pretty much anything I enjoy. The other guys have very different tastes, but we all have a collective group of bands that we all listen to, which is useful in writing when we need a point of reference.

BSW: What would you say brought 4 wonderful guys together to form such a rockin' band?

FJ: Desparation for acceptance. lol.

BSW: Is there anything else, job wise, that you could see yourself doing, besides being a musician? or do you have some sort of dream job that you have always wished you'd be able to do?

FJ: Well I'm going to school at Red River for Creative Communications and eventually it would be great to work on the other side of the music industry. That or an astronaught.

Interview with IN MY TRUNK

By Cindy Massey

BSW:Hey guys how are you all doing this fine day? Tell us a little about yourselves.

We are doing great. We just got our new drummer bruce with and got done recording our first three song demo with our current line up, it is on our myspace page. We are more focused now than ever before, so things are really looking up for us at the moment.

BSW:I noticed on your web page that you have an mp3 to listen to. Can you describe your influences?

We all listen to different music. We are into alot of Dillenger Escape Plan, Tool, Carcus, Pantera, Mastadon, Slayer, alot of older metal.. but we like alot of the newer hardcore as well like All that Remains, Killswitch Engage, Dead to Fall, Terror.. along that style.

BSW:South Carolina is where you’re based out of, were you all born there?

Bruce was born here, the rest of us just ended up here. Linus was born in Germany and moved here thanks to the army, Graeme was born in Louisiana, and Steve was born in California. Somehow we all ended up together.

BSW:Have you played any venues in Canada?

No, we have not been fortunate enough to finance a tour yet. Hopefully soon though.. we would love to come up there and play.. it would be nice to get out of the South and see whats going on in different areas.

BSW:How did you hear about our ezine?

We were contacted by Kristie from Its nice to see someone no where near us take interest in our band and we appriciate it greatly.

BSW:What can we expect to see at one of your shows should you come to Canada?

Hopefully lots of Canadians. We bring a strong performance with us. We practice very hard and play every show to the best of our ability. One day we will hopefully be able to get up there.

BSW:Describe your writing processes and please include you’re unique ways of starting a song?

Alot of times we all right together, someone will come up with a riff, or Graeme will come up with a melody line and we just go from there. We take our time righting a song to make sure we get it the way we like it. Other times Steve will have a idea and come to practice with half the song written and then we all find the right beat for the song and work on it from there making changes as we go along. We practice 3-4 times a week strong so it usually takes us about a week, maybe a week and a half to get a song the way we like it, making all the suttle little changes.

BSW:You have a very original name where did it come from?

When we first started playing together in 2003 we would fight all the time about what our name would be. We where in the studio recording our first demo when our original bass player, who left to start up his baby machine, was taking his stuff out to his car and said somthing like "shut the fuck up or ill put you in my trunk." Thus the name was born.

BSW:Do any of you have schooling musically if so from where and how long?

Not really, we all just kind of taught ourselves for the most part. I think Linus our bass player had some guitar lessons when he was younger. Bruce grew up around drums almost his whole life. His step-dad has his own drum company, ollie custom drums, and makes the drums for prince's drummer.

BSW:What is the band scene like where you are from?

Very diverse. There are so many great bands down here. Alot of Hardcore, Punk, Indie, and Jam bands there is pretty much something for everyone. Some bands to check out:

BSW:Do you have a visual show along with your performance? (ie. Fog, lights)

We use a banner for a backdrop with our name on it. And it is usually nice to have some lights going but we dont really get into that much visual stuff. I would hope our music will be entertaining enough.

BSW:Is there any other message or words that you would like to give our readers about your project?

Check out the new demo on our myspace page. Download it if you like it, pass it out to your freinds. We should be going back to the studio in the fall to record our first full length album. We will have merch if your interested just hit us up. Thanks again to Kristie and support your local music scene.

IN MY TRUNK Columbia, SC

Thank you for the interview, I look forward to seeing a show of yours some day if you’re ever up this way. Rock on dudes!


By Cindy Massey

BSW:Nice looking website you have there.  So Euro-cabaret feel, that sounds very intriguing. Can you describe it in further detail?


We feel that style is lacking in music these days. But mostly it is because we like to dress that way and we like comics, movies, pulp culture from that time period. We try and have it come out in our look and sound.


BSW:I noticed on your web page that you have an mp3 to listen to.  Can you describe your influences?


We have a wide variety. Everything from Soundtrack music to Blondie to Chris Isaak to Megadeth to Guns N Roses to video game music to Laura Fygi to Peggy Lee. Seriously, that list could go on for days, but I will stop now.


BSW:Vancouver is where you’re based out of, were you all born there?


Yes. But the three Kirkham brothers, myself, Chris and Tony are all American citizens as well, dual citizens is what you call it I think.


BSW:Heading to Winnipeg anytime soon?


Yes, as soon as our new album comes out in August on HRM Records (Bif Naked's label).


BSW:I just have to ask Cassandra, how you feel about being the female member in a still very male dominant game?  I know I hate the question too but enquiring minds want to know


It hasnt been a huge issue so far. I still dress and look how I want. But I have heard rock stations not wanting to play a band because they have a female lead singer, which I think is total shit because if there some guys who are too insecure with themselves to want to listen to a station that will confuse them into rocking out to a girl's voice and these stations playlist get dictated by that kind of listenership, then that station is run by stupid assholes. Thats why artists like Bif Naked and No Doubt are important.


A smart female will know how to use male stupidity to her advantage (Added by Robbie)


BSW:Describe your writing processes and please include you’re unique ways of starting a song?


For the new album, these songs pretty much all started when I had a song that I would bring in and work on with Tony (drummer). Then I would show Cassandra and we would finish the song together from there. But there are a few on there that Chris (bass) is involved with. Often I will start a song after hearing another band or song I thought was particularly great at the time and then I would sit down and figure out the most unassuming way of how to rip it off!


BSW:You have a very original name where did it come from?


I was reading Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and he kept mentioning  a  motorcycle that was sexy, black and impossible to tame without coming close to meeting your death, The Vincent Black Shadow. After I told Cassandra she drew a great logo for it and I knew that was it.


BSW:Will you be recording a CD anytime in the near future?

Yes, it is nearly done the mixing stage. It comes out in August 2005 on Her Royal Majesty's Records/Warner Music in Canada.


BSW:What is the band scene like where you are from?


Total shit. Bands are boring visually and aurally and there is little to no comradery between bands, and there are few places to play and the promoters treat all the bands like shit. Thats why we cant wait to come out to you! Nim Vind is cool as is Chocolate Soup, but its slim pickens after that.


BSW:Do you have a visual show along with your performance? (ie. Fog, lights)


At this point, and mostly due to monetary reasons, our stage show mostly consists of the band's image and style. But honestly, with the exception of Bauhaus and maybe White Zombie, I find most of that stuff cheesy.


BSW:Is there any other message or words that you would like to give our readers about your project?


Come see us when we come to your town and buy our cd when it comes out, because there aint any other music in Canada like this my friends!


Thank you for the interview, I look forward to seeing a show of yours some day if you’re ever up this way.  Rock on dudes!


No, Thank you!

Interview with FLATLINE

By Cindy Massey

BSW: Who is FLATLINE and where did you come up with this name?

~FL~ We had a problem early on with our name. We were called something else, but had a problem because someone had already registered it in California. So we picked about 20 names, narrowed it down to 5, and drew it out of a hat. That's the truth!

BSW: I see from your webpage that you are all from different parts of the US, do you feel that it has influenced your music diversity?

~FL~ Most definately. Having all come from different backgrounds and parts of the country brings a nice blend of styles. When writing, we all have different ways of thinking about the tune, so there are more ideas to kick around. We play it a few different ways and go with what sounds best to all of us as a whole.

BSW: How did you hear about us?

~FL~! After only having been on there for a few months, the response has been overwhealming!! We never thought people would take to it the way they have. We just play metal,'s cool that people are into it. I think you got in touch with us... didn't ya? hehehe....

BSW: Your new CD, Massive Aggressive is on sale now. How are sales going?

~FL~ So far, we've more than doubled the sales of our first CD, "Redefining the End". Being that we only sell online and at shows for the time being, it's great! It's already payed for itself.... Gives us a chance to make new shirts and stuff for the fans.

BSW: Have you ever played in Winnipeg, would you like to in the future?

~FL~ We haven't had the opportunity to get out of the U.S. yet, but we are definately wanting to get our music out to as many parts of the world as we can. Winnepeg...hell yeah!! but only in the summer... We're used to sunny SoCal....

BSW: Could you describe your writing processes for our readers?

~FL~ Well, we've only been a 5-piece for about a year. Before that, I (Jason / rythm guitar) did a lot of the writing, with Tim (drums) helping with lyrics and breakdowns for songs. The past year though, is completely different. There are more songwriters involved, which is awesome! The last few were writen just from jamming out at rehearsal. Find a cool riff and build from it. But some of the newer stuff, Randy (lead guitar) and I are working on together on the music, and bringing new lyrics to the table. Since Travis has been in the band, he's pretty much taken over the lyric writing process.

BSW: How would you describe the music scene in California?

~FL~ I think it's all in where you are, and how you look at it. We are a few miles from Hollywood, and have played The Whisky and other bigger venues, but gone are the days of consistantly good metal shows. And booking these shows at the big places on the Sunset Strip is often not worth the time....or money! But the benefits of playing these places is that everyone wants to go see shows there.... so it's a catch. As for other parts of California, it kicks ass!! Much easier to book shows that are worth playing, and sometimes we'll even get payed...hahaha...

BSW: Who influences you all musically?

~FL~ Wow! There are so many! I'm gonna try to speak for me and 4 other guys now, so I hope I get this right..... Black Sabbath, Slayer, Pantera, Testament, Dio, Kiss, Hatebreed, Sepultura, Anthrax, Faith no More, Slipknot, and many others..... in many other genres.

BSW: What can we expect from FLATLINE in the future?

~FL~ Well, we hope we can get out to all the places people have asked us to play! Even if it's on our own dime... But we've been shopping our music to a bunch of record labels and are hoping to get a bite. We plan on writing more and more tunes, and touring all over if we can! The long term goal.... to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

BSW: If you could leave our readers with a message about your project what would that be?

~FL~ FLATLINE is a style of metal that isn't heard in this day of drop tuning and one finger chords. FLATLINE is a new force in this day of metal and will blow you away with their live performance. STAY METAL!!!

BSW: Anything else you would like to add to the interview, please do that here. I look forward to seeing you in the future! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you.

~FL~ Check out the July issue of Revolver Magazine for FLATLINE in the Discmakers - Revolver Raw Talent section. Visit our website at

Interview with PROPHECY

By Cindy Massey

BSW: Who is Prophecy and why did you chose this name?

James: PROPHECY members are:

James Parks II (guitars / vocals)

Eric Croson (bass / vocals)

Ryan "RYNO" Isbell (vocals)

Scott "THE MACHINE" Horne (drums)

I picked PROPHECY from the book of Revelations (Holy Bible - King James version) because it's such a powerful word and has already stood the test of time. Plus the fact that we feel like we're delivering a message to the world a little at a time. So it fits perfectly.

BSW: I see from your webpage that you are from Texas, how did you hear about us?


BSW: How is your new CD coming along, have you completed it yet?

James: Not yet. We're in the middle of writing the last couple of songs plus doing the "TEXAS TOUR" and a shit load of fests /shows in the states. Plus trying to get back to Germany for a few shows in November 2005. Here's the new songs for "DON'T FUCKIN' MESS WITH TEXAS"!!

1. Don't Fuckin' Mess With Texas

2. Persistence

3. Enter Bliss

4. Silent Suffering

5. Rows Of Stone

6. Die Right Next To You

7. Fist Fuckers (tribut to NRW - Germany)

8. Prophecy (2005 VERSION)

BSW: Have you ever played in Winnipeg, would you like to in the future?


BSW: How do you describe the music scene in Texas?

James: It's very strong and growing every year here in TEXAS! We're proud to be from TEXAS! There's nothing like TEXAS! It's like we're our own country!

BSW: Could you describe your writing processes for our readers?

James: For the new release, "DON'T FUCKIN' MESS WITH TEXAS"...I wrote 100% of the music and about 90% of the lyrics and the way this one came out is lyrics first for every song. Which usually happens like that but not like it did this time. Once the music is written, RYNO will structure the lyrics. It seems to work good.

BSW: Who are some of your musical influences?

James: I have such a wide variety...from Mozart and Beethoven to Dying Fetus and Suffocation to the King of Rock-n-Roll...Elvis Presley! And so many more in this vast world of music I live in! Ha!

BSW: You have merchandise for fans to buy on your site, as well as music to sample. What can we expect from Prophecy?


BSW: If you could leave our readers with a message about your project what would that be?

James: Anything you love you will find a way to make it happen...never stop! Dreams do come true for those who continue to pursue them! As long as I'm alive...PROPHECY WILL BE ALIVE!

BSW: Anything else you would like to add to the interview, please do that here. I look forward to seeing you in the future! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you.

James: No, thank you very much for your support of PROPHECY! We really appreciate it! If anyone would like to get in touch with us for any reason...don't hesitate! Here's all the contact info and what's coming up for us this year so far! KEEP IT FUCKIN' BRUTAL!!!!!!!

We've got a lot going on right now...we're in the middle of writing the last 3 songs for the new release, "DON'T FUCKIN' MESS WITH TEXAS"! Also breaking in a NEW DRUMMER (Scott "THE MACHINE" Horne) for the Maryland Deathfest! We play in Atlanta, GA with ACT OF VIOLENCE on the way to Maryland! The re-release of "Foretold...Foreseen" came out in the U.S. on c.d. (GOREGIASTIC 4-29-05! And in about a month on 12" vinyl in Europe (NOISE VARIATIONS! Then the first Official DVD after that! (GET ADVANCED COPIES NOW FROM US!) We'll be in the studio in June recording the new c.d. "DON'T FUCKIN' MESS WITH TEXAS"! We CO-HEADLINE THE OHIO DEATH FEST 2005 in Cleveland, OH - Sat. June 25th!!! WE HEADLINE "ARMAGEDDON 2005" FEST Sunday, June 26th, 2005 in Silverton, OH! TEXAS TOUR DATE...Sat. Sept. 17th, 2005 we play The Backroom in Austin, TX with our brothers DEMONSEED and DISFIGURED! We're also planning to go back to Europe sometime in 2005 too! New York is in the works as well! We CO-HEADLINE THE INTERNATIONAL METALFEST - Sept. 23rd and 24th!!! Hell yeah, that's the shit! As I said before, there's a lot planned for 2005...ha! And that's not all!! We're also planning a small tour from here to CA and back starting in October! Check out ALL THE NEW WEB DOMAINS for a shit load of info, pics from our "Cum On Europe" tour, mp3's and MUCH MORE!! WANT TO SEE MERCH PICS...


- GET YOUR ADVANCED COPY OF THE NEW PROPHECY DVD NOW FOR ONLY $10.00!!!!!!! DVD details...PROPHECY headlines the Extreme Texas Metalfest II - 11-20-04 @ Cardi's 2000 in Houston, TX! GET THIS DVD NOW BEFORE IT'S RELEASED AND THE PRICE GOES UP!

- 3 releases still available!!!

1. "Foretold...Foreseen" (debut full length c.d. rel: 1998 - 8 songs / over 44 minutes of SOUTHERN BRUTALITY!) $10.00 U.S. / $12.00 WORLD! (re-release c.d. coming out 4-29-05 on!)

2. "Our Domain" (full length ENHANCED CD rel: 2002 - import - 10 songs / over 45 minutes of TEXAS FUCKIN' DEATH METAL!) $12.00 U.S. / $14.00 WORLD!

3. Prophecy/Intestinal Infection 7" split release (2 songs total - rel: 2003 - import) $4.00 U.S. / $6.00 WORLD! ONLY 1000 MADE - VERY RARE!

- NOTE: Postage included. Mail (International outside U.S.) Money Order (payable to James Parks II) or well hidden cash (at your own risk) to P.O. Box listed below... (NO CHECKS)


1. Atlanta, GA @ "2 high Studios" - ALL AGES!

Fri. May 27th, 2005

540 Peralume Place

Atlanta, GA 30301

Info...Paul 404-713-3239

WE PLAY 2ND!!!!!!!


Sat. May 28th, 2005



Sat. June 25th, 2005



Sun. June 26th, 2005

Silverton, OH

Contact Barry Drake


ENTRY ONLY $10.00!

18 and up show!

Show time 5pm-2am


5. The Back Room (Texas Tour show)

Sat. September 17th, 2005

2015 E. Riverside, Austin, TX 78741


Images Of Violence


Demon Seed




Contact Tammy Moore - 512-293-2622 FOR MORE INFO!

Also Promotions Director for RANK AND REVUE MAGAZINE


Sat. Sept. 24th, 2005


NEW FULL LENGTH RELEASE, "DON'T FUCKIN' MESS WITH TEXAS" COMING 2005!!! (Official - under construction) (NEW!) (NEW!) (NEW!) (NEW!) (NEW!) (NEW!) (NEW FORUM!) (MOST RECENT INTERVIEW!) (James Parks II is endorsed) (Prophecy is registered with BMI) (RE-RELEASED "FORETOLD...FORESEEN" 4-29-05!!)


P.O. Box 820574

North Richland Hills, TX

76182 - USA


The design of and name PROPHECY is a registered Copyright and Trademark.

© Copyright 1991-2005 Prophecy

® Trademark 2000-2005 Prophecy

Interview with Special Ops

By Crystal McKay

Special Ops is on their tour across Canada to promote their album “Phase 1: In Search of Madness”. This 4 piece band is, Abe Froeman on Vocals, Akbar Johnson on vocals/guitar, Waldo Thornhill on Bass and Dante Sanchez on drums.The interview you are about to read took place before a recent show, which was riveting, and energetic.

BSW: How has your tour been thus far?

SO: When the tour first started, after a few shows the original drummer decided that he couldn't hack the tour and left the band. At that time we asked Dante if he would like to replace the current drummer, and without even getting to finish the question, he was all willing to jump aboard.

BSW: How do you feel he is doing, by taking over and having to learn everything so quickly?

SO: He learned the whole album very quickly, and seems to be doing an excellent job with the short time that he had to learn everything. It just sucks for him that at Brycefest his foot peddle got stolen, and a message to all we will find the one that took them.

BSW: Special Ops will have their songs featured on a few shows, and possibly a few appearances, what are these shows and when can one expect to tune in?

SO: The show is the Sid Cycle show, and it will feature the songs from off the cd. The show will start to air in January, and you can catch it on global, speed and the spike network. CBC will also be featuring two of the songs, "Pick up the pieces" and "Breath I breath" on the show Rock Your World.

BSW: Do you believe these will help bring more of an audience to your music?

SO: More people will hear the music, and because of CBC bieing more of a global channel, it will help get the music heard by more people from around the world.

BSW: Any music videos?

SO: A new music video is in the works to be shot, but there is already a music video out there for the song Pick up the Pieces, this video is just a collage of shows that we have already played.

BSW: Any other information you'd like your audience to know?

SO: Our music has been slated to also appear on some video games for ubisoft. We plan on going for a tour in Europe of March in 2006.

BSW: What do you hope to get out of this besides riches and fame?

Dante -A basic 2-4 and no 9-5 job. Basic high off stage, getting to travel the world, and it being paid by others. No regrets for doing what we decided to do.

BSW: Where can one get the cd?

SO: The cd's are available at HMV's accross Canada. "I believe the madness is in Manitoba" as quoted from Akbar

Interview with Sittin Idol

BSW: First off, who is Sittin Idol? And how did the four of you get together as a band?

Sittin’ Idol is:

Rick Hatch- Hippie, Mathematics Genius, Lead Guitar

Scott Lennox- Junky, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar

Stu- House Husband, Armature Boxer, Drummer

Mark Fassina- Full time heart throb… part time Bush Pilot, Bassist

These four unlikely friends met in a support group for well endowed males… or if you prefer the truth, Scott and Rick met in high school and Stu and Mark were magnetically drawn to their undeniable musical genius. In other words Stu answered and add …. and Mark answered the call to duty that was circulating amongst local Calgary musicians.

BSW: Any meaning behind the name of your band?

SI: Yes…. But I don’t know what that meaning is.

Or… we began live shows as the standing idiots… but as our sound evolved so to did our band name.

BSW: What are each members musical backgrounds?

SI: Scott was adopted by a traveling folk group called the Brothers Four and began singing and playing guitar at the age of 4

Ricks musical talent is the result of a government program called MTIP or the musical talent injection program… the program was introduced in the early 80’s to sway the trend of popular music at the time...

Stu was an abused as a child but learned to take advantage of the rhythmic beatings that he received. This led to his obsession with percussion instruments.

Mark was involved in a high speed boating accident as a teenager… after his two and a half year coma he woke to find that he had an overwhelming desire and ability to play the bass guitar. From what he can remember this desire and talent was not there before the accident and his doctors were not able to give him an explanation for this freak occurrence.

BSW: You have one cd out (self-titled) that was released in 2001. Any plans on another cd? If so, when can we expect to hear it?

SI:Yes… plans are well underway to release a second album. You can expect to hear the second album 5 to 6 months ago.

BSW: How would you describe your style of music? And who are your influences?

SI: Sittin' Idol combines aggressive hooks reminiscent of the early heavy metal movement with smooth modern rock melodies. Mixing unique and dynamic song structures, Sittin' Idol captivates any audience from start to finish. Tight rhythms, powerful vocals and three-dimensional songs are the hallmark of Sittin' Idol's style. Sittin’ Idol is influenced by soft drugs, alcohol and the mighty Black Sabbath.

BSW: What do you write about?

SI: Scott’s lyrics include stories about friends, dreams and sexual fantasies. This lyrical style is a mix between Bob Dylan and Puff Daddy

BSW: You went out on an American tour with Damage Plan and Drowning Pool. How was that? And any stories you can share with us? (No, we don’t wanna know if you all got banged on the road. “What happens on the road, stays on the road”.Ha ha)

SI: This tour was the most insane experience of our lives. There was this crazy night when a hooker forced her way into our van and…. oh yeah, never mind. Seriously…. it was incredible... RIP Dimebag

BSW: You have been all over Canada and the U.S. This will be the 1st time you hit The Peg. What’s in store for us?

SI: Throughout North America, Sittin' Idol has become renowned for a live show that is both powerful and energetic. In Winnipeg the fans can expect a lack luster performance that ends with Mark making love to Stu’s bass drum with his bass guitar.

BSW: Anything else you would like to add or to say to your fans?

SI: Hello Winnipegians… The freak 107 has us in rotation and we would appreciate any requests you can send to the station...Also request the new Sittin’ Idol video for the song Stray at Much Music and make us famous. You can also pick up both of our CD’s at (insert store name here) or online at

The AnitGravity Project

By Crystal McKay

Coming to you, live from Winnipeg, MB with their unique sound of progressive rock, inspired by conspiracy, science fiction and a touch of humor, we introduce to you, the one, the only “The Antigravity Project”! The Antigravity Project was formed in 1998, and includes Brad Fenwick, (bass player/singer), Basil Ganglia (keyboard player), and Peter Baureiss (their multi-instrumentalist) as members. CD’s under their belt include “The Annuit Corruptus” and a never heard before live recording of improvisional jam sessions on "Phlogistion I". Experiences include playing and appearing in locally produced film “Star Wars: The Evil Within.” While attending one of their shows, you can expect high energy and great fun. Not only do they capture your attention, but they KEEP your attention. There is a surprise at every gig, which means you can expect to see one or more guests join the band on stage. (As I found out on July 23rd at The Collective Cabaret with special guest Shannon Lowery on flute. Now how crazy is that!?! FLUTE!) Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with Basil Ganglia and Brad Fenwick:

BSW: What do you hope to achieve with The Anti-Gravity Project?

AGP: With what we have so far, we hope to achieve a larger audience. We are hoping that our music will spread around the world so everyone can get a chance to hear our music.

BSW: You plan on going in to record a second cd, what can one expect from the cd?

AGP: In a few weeks it is planned that we are going to head back to the studio to record our second cd. Just like with the last one, we are in money raising mode to afford to pay for the sessions. The second cd will offer longer progressive rock songs, with songs that will be shorter and more radio friendly. Some of the songs can run 15 minutes long.

BSW: Any audience you are trying to really reach?

AGP: The one audience we are focusing on is the progressive rock audience. We would love for everyone to enjoy our songs, but that is the group we are really trying to tap into.

BSW: Where can one get a hold of your music to listen to?

AGP: CD Baby is a place that one can catch us on. We are hoping with this we are going to be able to really tap into the progressive rock audience more. They are a great website to be on and hope for the best from them.

BSW: How do you plan on getting your music out to your audience?

AGP: Our main tool we plan on using is the internet. The internet is a great tool to reach your market. This also allows you to use many websites, to help spread your music, and hopefully others from around the world will also browse these and this then will help in getting international sales on the album.

BSW: What do you hope the second cd brings for you?

AGP: It's been five years since our last cd, so we hope this new cd will help get us into the market more.

BSW: What can one expect form a show?

AGP: We are a 3 piece band, and at each show we try to have one guest at each show. There is a lot of improv and just jamming out. At one show we had like a whole orchestra thing going on. It was interesting.

BSW: How would you describe the type of songs you play?

AGP: The songs are created to reveal a lot of conspiracies one may find with the government. We also do a lot of sci-fi theme songs, and of course you just have the silly stuff, and lots of interesting things that will catch one attention. Our one song “Rock Star” is always an interesting one to play, it's about a fictitious girl and what happens with her at the show she is at.

BSW: Do you believe that there is a lot of help for local bands?

AGP: Now a days there is a lot of help for getting local bands into the scene. You have lots of different organizations, like MARIA, and then you just have a lot of support from people. This is important to help us, the more support the more people you start to get knowing who you are.

BSW: Besides riches and fame, what do you hope to get out of this?

AGP: Besides rich and fame, an important thing to us is to get the music out too all of those who are willing to listen. To enjoy what you are doing, and keeping up a strong passion for it. Having the opportunity to create music for the world.

BSW: Any market you really hope to reach?

AGP: Our focus is on the world market. It would be nice to see the sites and tour Europe. We would like our music to reach the larger market, as we hope our music will entertain, but also bring education to people on different subjects, which is of course mixed in with the music.

BSW: Thank-you for your time, great show!

Interview with Spectral Echoes

By Crystal McKay

The interview took place with Chris who is guitar player of the band.

BSW: What is Spectral Echoes doing right now?

SE: Right now we have some basement recordings we hope one day we can turn into a cd. Other wise right now we are playing clubs, and just trying to get our music and name out there to build up a fan base.

BSW: Where do you see the band in a few years?

SE: In a few years, we hope to see ourselves on tour, getting to travel around to spread our music. To have a cd that would have been shared with many.

BSW: How did the band Spectral Echoes come together?

SE: The lead singer, Jason, actually was in a different band, the Imps of the perverse, with two others, Denny and Brad. Jason and I(Chris) got together and starting doing some basement recordings. After words we called up Denny and Brad to come join us, and we all clicked together very well.

BSW: Besides rich and fame what else do you hope comes from this all?

SE: To be able to work at the art every day and and getting it out to everyone who really wants to know about us. Being able to work as an artist fully. and of course the girls...all joking aside.

BSW: Do you believe there is enough support out there for local bands?

SE: The support for local bands is getting better. It's mostly about getting the interest of people and building up that fan base, that really helps you succeed in the business. You have to build up a good reputation to get that support you need. You don't necessarly need a big record label to be known.

BSW: What do you hope a cd will bring for you one day when you get one out there?

SE: Hopefully from a cd, the songs will be more succeable to even the non-musican, the music will be able to reach all sorts of audiences, and they will enjoy every song.

BSW: How did you (Chris) end up playing with the band?

SE: I was interested in the other band the guys were playing in. It was more of a friends of a friends type of deal. And since we were all interested in music, that helped bring us together, and it just helped us click that much better.

BSW: As being part of the local scene do you feel there is enough being done to help you get noticed around the city?

SE: Spectral Echoes is so new to the scene it's hard to say, but having a promoter who's as excited about our music as we are is huge!

BSW: When a CD is finally recorded, and available to the public what do you hope that brings for your band?

SE: Songs are strange things. They exist, yet they don't. They're like ghosts. Recording lets you photograph them. I think making a CD will bring us, and a lot of other people, countless hours of listening pleasure. That can be even more satisfying than sexual pleasure. Unless you're Sting or practice Tantric Sex, it lasts longer.

BSW: To let us know who Spectral Echoes is, tell us fans something about the group, that no one right now would know, and would really catch our attention?

SE: The other guys might not agree, but I think we're all a bit touched in the head. More importantly, we play some of the greatest songs ever written.

BSW: Do you feel confident that if you were to become famous, no one would become big headed and form a big ego, or like most people you are uncertain of that, but say it did happen, what would you do to that person?

SE: As you can tell by my last answer, I already am big-headed. But, besides being my biggest fan, I'm also my own worst critic. So sometimes I get pretty small-headed. To keep these extremes in check I give myself hugs when I've done a good job and stop talking to myself when I haven't.

BSW:  If the band thing wasn't to work (hopefully not the case), what would you see your career being?

SE: Whoring myself out to some thankless record compnay as a songwriter or acting. I'm actually getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor at this year's Blizzard awards.They're like the Academy Awards for films shot in Manitoba. I was in a feature-length film called Horse Thieves, which just won the Audience Choice Award at the Winnipeg International Film Fetival. I played a charismatic psychopath who leads a dysfunctional group of car thieves. I'm a lot nicer in real life, and Spectral Echoes isn't dysfunctional, nor do we steal cars. I wish those guys would, though. I could really use a new one. These are really godd questionsl! Actually, I'd like to be a dream researcher or astronaut. I'm fascinated by Inner and Outer Space. They're very simmilar.

BSW: There is usually a connection, a reason why 4 people come together, what would you say pulled you guys together to form such a band?

SE: A strong belief in each other's various talents. Denny (drummer), Brad (bass player) and I used to be in a psychedelic rock band called Imps of the Perverse. We did some shows with Ham, and Denny said that Jim from Ham thought we were all insane. As I alluded to earlier, I agree with that. Chris (lead guitar) and I used to be in a band too, but we didn't play any shows. We all get along really well, laugh a lot, have tons of fun and an undeniable chemistry when we play. Being in Spectral Echoes is effortless.

BSW: It is said that Winnipeg can be known for it's music scene, what are your words on the many talents one can find in this city?

SE: Winnipeg's extreme climate forces people here to be creative. Where else in the world are temperatures so extreme all year round? That does something to a person's mind! You have to be at least somewhat creative to even survive here. I've had friends move and stay away because they hate it. I'm pretty ambivalent when it comes to Winnipeg. I moved away and came back. Whether I like it or not, it's my home and always will be, even if I move to Timbuktu. It's like my favorite line in the Hotel California, "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."

BSW:One day who do you hope to be sharing the stage with and why?

SE: Any musician who's ever positively influenced or changed me and is still alive. Unfortunately, that last part rules out bands like the Doors and Nirvana. We better get famous soon because who knows how much longer legends like the Stones and Bowie will be around? I like the Dandy Warhols and the Strokes a lot too. My favorite local bands are the Harlots, Vanderveen, Tele and Inward Eye. I'd love it if Spectral Echoes played shows with them.

Interview with TRIPCHORD

By Cindy Massey

BSW: After reviewing your website I decided to ask you, how you would describe your music? You stated on your site that you're a Metal/Hard rock Machine. Could you elaborate a bit more for us?

T: I think our style derives from a wide variety of musical influences. Our music is fueled with our love and energy for it,thats what makes it a machine we put are alll so it doesent stop. All our songs are written from the gut and soul.

BSW: Because I have yet to see one of your performances, could you describe what I might expect from one of your shows?

T: loss of hearing, dizziness, absolute fufillment!

BSW: Does your band come with a light show also, or any effects visually?

T: Not really. We are the show. Let the other bands hide behind lights and lasers.

BSW: Being from Toronto how do you feel the Winnipeg scene differs, have you played here yet, if not describe Toronto's music scene?

T: We are not familiar with the Winnipeg scene and havent played their yet I stress the word yet if we have an oppurtunity we would love to play there. The toronto scene however is overflowing with bands. Its hard to notice the needle in the haystack till it pricks ya!

BSW: You're a 3 piece band, have you ever felt the need to expand?

T: Actually we are a 4 piece with a newly aquired drummer. We would love to have as many musicians and studio equipment at our disposal as possible, but the stage is never big enough and sometimes too much is too much!

BSW: I noticed that you don't have any gigs listed at the current time, any word on upcoming gigs?

T: Currently we are working on our next cd.also working on hitting the road a little to promote our next album.dont have anything yet but check out the site for future shows.<>

BSW: Can you identify the members of your group and give us some info about yourselves?

T: Colin is a tattoo artist in toronto. he just recently married his philippino girlfriend and has two small children. he loves cartoons beer and lego.Tommy is in the construction trade,loves to box, the outdoors,and currently is single.kelly is a graphic designer and is also single,and trevor well not to much is known about him except the fact he is taken.

BSW: What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to your band?

T: the night tommy and taz fought in montreal and busted our ride's funny now,,,but now we are forced to drive the shaggin wagon. and kelly's dad went crazy!AS for strange its pretty hard to say since were all strange allot of things seem normal

BSW: What do you feel, is your band would bring to the scene in Winnipeg?

T: We would rip through winnipeg like a tornadoe. we seem to inspire a lot of musicians along the way, and always leave a big impression on new and old fans. hopefully see you soon, winnipeg's a cool city.

BSW: Is there any other message or words that you would like to give our readers about your project?

T: Anyone who has seen or heard of TRIPCHORD will always have something good to say.We offer a different style to that of the recycled crap on the radio. Our show is a must see and our music well u will have to hear it for yourselfs.Our next cd will say it all.So keep on the lookout for TRIPCHORD dates and future cds.Thank you very mcuh, and hopefully we cross paths in Winnipeg one day soon. TRIPCHORD

BSW: Thank you for the interview, I look forward to seeing your next show and taking photos for another issue.

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