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Malice Cooper Interview

By: Kristie Allen

You are in for a treat boys and ghouls! I had a chance to catch up with the new members of Malice Cooper! They are talented, funny and deranged, everything you need to make the perfect Alice Cooper Tribute act!

BSW - First off, you all have played and are still playing in different bands. Why join an Alice Cooper Tribute Act?

T-Roy – To have fun and play more. I always dream of becoming Kip Winger. (BSW - Who doesn't?)

Mark – I like tribute acts. (BW - I like cheese and toast)

Darren – Why not? (BsW - I don't know, why not?)

BSW - How do you think the new crew is doing? And why out of all

the people that applied for your band did you pick these guys?

Rick Raff - Just Awesome. I enjoy playing with these guys, They have their shit together! We picked them because they're all uber talented musicians, and now I don't have to worry about the stage collapsing due to certain weight factors. (BSW - MOOOO!!!)

BSW - Are you all fans of Alice Cooper? Are you fans of Malice?

T-Roy – Yes ands yes.

Mark – No, I wasn’t, and yes.

Darren – Yes.

BSW - What do you each feel as individuals, that you can bring to this band?

T-Roy – A bass player. (BSW - Good answer!)

Mark – Guitar/Vocals. (BSW - Another good one!)

Darren – Guitar. (BSW - Now that is f@#king brilliant!)

BSW - I have heard you play drums, and you have every single fill down to a fine art. What was the most difficult song for you to learn?

Rick Raff - The hardest song for me was the one that starts with the guitar going WEEdee-DEE-WIDLEE-LEE-DIDDLE-LEE, and then the bass kicks in with the BOOMMM BOOMMM BOOMMM part, and I do the UMPH CACK CACK BUMPITY BUMPITY SMASH thing. (BSW - Holy sh#$...that's complicated! Rick Raff you are a GOD!)

BSW - Which song has been the most challenging for each of you to


T-Roy – She’s only seventeen. (BSW -You are a sick F@#k!)

Mark – I don’t know. (BSW - Perhaps Twinkle, Twinkle little star?)

Darren – I don’t know they are all pretty easy so far.

BSW - Do you feel that you have finally found all the members needed to put on a Malice Show? And why?

Malice – We now have not one but two guitar players, we have not one but two stage performers and of course we have found a really awesome bass player to lock in with Rick Raff and well, I was bare bones before and now I’m not. With the way the last couple of practices are going we should be ready for our show coming up this week. A lil bit o" polish and we’re going to give you a lot of blam for your buck!

BSW - Tell me a little bit about your musical backgrounds. (I.E.When did you 1st start playing, and some bands that you have played with)

T-Roy – In high school, Ram ‘Em Jesus, Knuckleduster.

Mark – I started when I was 7 or 8. I’ve played with a couple of local bands who shall remain nameless.

Darren – I first played 21 years ago. Band’s I played with were Ram ‘Em Jesus and Knuckleduster.

BSW - Have the new members seen a Malice show? And do you think you can better the show, as opposed to when you weren't in the band?

T-Roy – Yes, I’m better looking than the old bass player, and my mom says I’m special. (BSW - And your mom doesn't make you wear your helmet anymore!)

Mark – Yes and yes.

Darren – On video, yes. (BSW - VIDEO? No, that was your barnyard animal video you were watching!)

BSW - When can we see the new Malice line up?

Rick Raff - "Let me check our calendar "we're booked at THE ZOO for November 5th. as long as nobody breaks a finger or dies from paint fumes (right Mark?), we should be good to go!" (BSW -hmmm...some addictions we don't know about, perhaps?)

BSW – Anything else you would like to add?

Rick Raff - We're the next best thing to see when Alice isn't on tour. But there is nothing like going to an actual Alice Cooper concert. Do yourselves a favor by going to every Alice Cooper show possible, and check out a rock legend!

Rick Raff also adds - No Chickens Were Harmed During The Preceding Interview.

Interview with Suiciety

By: Kristie Allen

Compared to Iron Maiden, this band will rock your socks off! With one successful album and another in the works, I have a feeling we will hear more from these cats for years to come.

BSW - You recently recorded a live album at The Zoo on October 22nd. How did that go?

Suiciety - Excellent. The crowd was insane! Unfortunately, the hard drive crashed or some shit, and we lost the last song and a half. So we have to record another set to get the finale...thems the breaks I guess. It will turn out better in the long run, as we will now have 2 sets to choose from. However, the original idea was to offer ONE show in its entirety,warts and all.

BSW - Why did you decide to record a live album? And why The Zoo?

Suiciety - Fans and friends have been telling us our live shows are way heavier and crazy than our recorded material. So we decided to capture the live show on CD for them. Also, as we are almost done writing our next album, it will be released to tide people over until the next studio album. It's not just the old songs, but there are several new songs in the live set as well. Call it a "sneak preview" of what is to come! It's gonna be titled "Icy Death Live" and the cover is hopefully gonna have an oil tanker smashing into a glacier loaded with penguins.

BSW - In addition to songs from your 1st album “Pan Fry Method”, You have new songs that were recorded. How do these new songs differ from your 1st set of songs?

Suiciety - The new songs eh? Hmmm...well, first of all, on a whole, they are faster and heavier. Darker I would say, but still very catchy. A bit more technical, a bit more extreme. "The Pan Fry Method" had real bright and polished sound, the songs had a real punk vibe in places. With the upcoming album, we plan on turning off the lights! Take "Dr.Gore" for example, it's the most twisted and insane Suiciety song yet...almost death metal in places. We can't wait to get back in the studio and capture them. That's another reason for this live thing, to have some recorded versions of our new tunes!

BSW - You have a new addition to the Suiciety family, Helldon Parry. What do you feel that he has brought to the band?

Suiciety - He brings alot of dedication, enthusiasm, skill, and class. He has made Suiciety complete. For the longest time it seemed we just couldn't find the last piece of the puzzle, a REAL lead guitar player. We have a had a large number of people through this band over the years, but up until now it was always like 3 guys and a hired gun. Now, for the first time, Suiciety boasts 4 complete and equal members.

BSW - When can the fans expect to see the release of this live? album? And do you have any idea of as to where one can pick one up?

Suiciety - I hope to have this sucker out by late February/early March. It would have been earlier, but as I explained above, we ran into technical difficulties". The Cd will be available in Music Trader on Osbourne St., and the location on Corydon as well. Also, it will be at Madison Square. And let's not forget at EVERY Suiciety show, direct from The band!

BSW - Any news of label interests at this time? Or are you guys still “shopping around”?

Suiciety - We're shopping at the moment. We have talked to some industry people, but I'm not at liberty to talk about that. Right now, I can confirm some local producers and managers have expressed an interest in working with us in the near future when the next studio project is ready to begin.Cross your fingers!

BSW - You have been compared to such bands as Iron Maiden. (Winnipeg Sun) Any influence there?

Suiciety - Uh, YES. You cannot play metal and escape the influence of Iron Maiden, it's impossible. If you think you aren't influenced by Maiden, you probably aren't a metal band at all.

BSW - Who are your musical influences?

Suiciety - Suiciety has a number of influences, all of the "rocking" variety...Megadeth, Slayer, Voivod, Metallica, Black Sabbath, D.R. I., Iron Maiden, Death, (Max era) Sepultura, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Bad Religion, Propagandhi, and a variety of bands you probably never heard of!

BSW - When can we catch a show?

Suiciety - You can catch Suiciety in Regina at O'Hanlon's Pub on Saturday November 13th. Keep checking for the latest news and show dates! We also have several mp3's and a music video for our song Murderworld being offered for FREE download. Check them out!

BSW - Anything else you would like to leave for the fans?

Suiciety - I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has come to a show, got a CD, played with us, given us props, or supported Suiciety in any way. We are all here for one thing, a love Of heavy music. Thank you for the opportunity to let us share our Passion with all of you. The BEST is yet to come!!!

Interview with Resistance

By: Kristie Allen

Resistance is a female fronted punk band from Selkirk, Manitoba, described as having their own “in your face” musical style. Together for four years, this band has a lot of experience under their belts. From touring to recording, to practicing and coming up with new material, I am sure this band will be around for a long time. Why? They’re young,they’re fresh, they’re hard working and down right determined.

BSW - Who is Resistance?

R - Resistance is Nicole (vocals &bass) Jeff (guitar) Steve-o (guitar& backing vocals) Steve (drums)

BSW - How would you describe your music?

R - I would describe our music as a dark, melodic and very punk Rock influenced with a tint of hardcore.

BSW - How has the crowd response been, when you go up on stage and the band is fronted by a female? Positive? Negative?

R - Always pretty positive. I mean we have been playing for about 4 years now and have toured all over the country and there isn’t to manybands with a female singer who can sing the way Nicole does. It’s really a rare thing. I think people are interested before we even start playing just cuz we have a female singer/bassist. (Who rocks I might add) hahaha

BSW - You released an album in August of 2003, are they selling fast? And where can we purchase a copy?

R - Yeah it was released in 2003 on Lonely Tree Records. The album is doing pretty good. I mean we aren’t selling millions but we are selling a good amount for a band on a small label. We recently got distro in big chain stores like HMV A&B sound cd plus etc. so that is helping people get our album a lot easier then it was 6 months ago. So if you don’t got it go and order it in at your local record store!

BSW - What was your favorite song to record and why?

R - My favorite song to record eh...well I don’t know but if you were asking favorite song to play that would be Walking in the fire. But recording....It's weird to me. It’s fun but stressful. I can’t really say there was a favorite we were just really excited to get this album out for people to hear.

BSW - How was your recording experience?

R - It was cool. We did most of it in the basement of the Zoo with Mark Chaplin in his recording studio. He has recorded some cool bands like layaway plan and Choke. Even did some guy smiley stuff. Band that I was into along time ago. So I was pretty stoked. I mean after doing the record we learned a lot things to do and not to do for the next record. So yeah I think it was a good learning experience for sure.

BSW - How was your touring experience?

R - Touring is awesome! I mean it’s not always so great. We don’t sleep in hotels every night like some people might think. Most of our nights are spent on people’s floors or on the seats of our van. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to shower for days! It can be tough but it's so much fun and worth it to us. We have played some shows to 20 people and others to 100's of people opening for bands like Raised Fist, Death by Stereo, Propagandhi etc. So I guess you could say there is a lot of ups and a lot of downs. Makes life interesting for sure

BSW - Do you like playing live, or recording in the studio better?

R - That is 2 totally different things. I don’t know playing live is really fun. Its entertainment. where as recording is more stressfull and you’re working hard to get the songs to sound as good as you can so you can perform them live.Ya know?

BSW - What can we expect to hear with your c.d.?

R - See question two for answer;) But this cds is over a year old and we are working really hard on a new album with almost the whole thing written already and we are hoping to start record it in January have it hit the street in spring 2005. It's going to be a big change is sound I think compared to the Plague the Nation EP. Our new songs have more elements stronger hooks and we think it's going to surprise people.But its still very much Resistance. Most defiantly excited about releasing a new album in the New Year!!!

BSW - What can we expect to see at one of your shows?

R - A good time!! We play with tons of energy. We have been known as one of the most energetic bands in the Winnipeg. We are just a fun band but at the same time are very serious about our music and what we do. Come and see for yourself if you haven’t already:)

BSW - Any funny touring experiences you want to share with us? Or Bad experiences?

R - So many messed up things happen on tour. I can’t really think of anything to funny or bad worth mentioning. Well maybe there are some but I won’t get into that. hahaha!

BSW - Any advice to give other bands you have learned as far as the whole touring goes?

R - Do everything yourself!! Book your own tours, show people you’re serious and be prepared to loose money. It’s a tough thing to do. I honestly believe it's not for everyone. But if your heart is in it you wont mind all the work and effort that goes into it.

BSW - Anything else you'd like to add?

R - Thanks for the interview and check us out on line at drop us an e-mail sign up for the mailing list say HI or whatever. Thanks again!

Interview with The Rejected

By: Kristie Allen

You would think growing up in a small town in Manitoba,would discourage one from forming a band. No big music scene, no place to really play for one who is under age and, I think maybe one music shop in the back of a tiny hardware store. Music instructors and music stores have come and gone throughout the years, but none seem to stay. There isn’t a lot to offer aspiring musicians in a small town, especially when it comes to musician “networking”. I do know that there is a fantastic music program offered in the high school and an after school hours band (or at least there used to be when I was in school.) But what does one do when they play punk, rock or heavy metal? Keep on playing, keep practicing, and get your name known. I can say all of this, because the band interview you are about to read is from Stonewall, Manitoba, and where I grew up.

BSW - Who is "The Rejected"? And where did you all meet?

R - The Rejected is really just four friends who love to make music and have fun. The band is Riess (guitar/vocals), Chris (guitar/vocals),Evan (bass/vocals), Tristen (drums). We all met at school. The band started when Chris asked Tristen if he wanted to start a band, later on that year... after looking for a bassist Evan joined (after Tristen asked him). Riess joined; I think, a year after that when the band was looking for a singer.

BSW - So how much longer until you all can play in the bar scene?

R - Well Riess, Tristen and Chris all 17 but Evan is 16. So I guess it will still be a while until we do the bar scene. Two or Three years.

BSW - Have you found your age to be a setback for your band?

R - Not at all. The band we do shows with mainly do all ages gigs. So our age hasn’t really been a set back. The only thing that would have been a setback about our age would not being able to go on tour for a long period of time at all. We do shows with a lot of great bands who've supported us and helped us. The Brat Attack is a big help... if you’re in a band and need a connection to do shows The Brat Attack would be the best.

BSW - Why the name The Rejected?

R - I can't really remember for sure but I think we all picked the name Rejected at first as a joke when Chris and Tristen where complaining about girl troubles. But we ended up liking the name so it stuck plus I think people would remember it. Later on we changed the name to The Rejected when a show poster add had us listed as The Rejected, we thought it looked cool so it also stuck.

BSW - Name 3 things you would like to complete as musicians.

R - I’m sure there are lots more than three things would like to complete but the main ones would be touring... that would be a lot of fun. Recording a CD will be fun (we're working on that right now) and to just have as much fun doing shows as we can and maybe helping some other bands along the way.

BSW - What's your favorite thing about your music? And how would you describe your music?

R - I don’t think I really have a favorite thing about our music... I just like doing shows and having fun... that’s what the band is all about. Our music is a bit of everything. We where at first a punk band but when Riess joined the band our music changed to everything... you'd hear a heavy fast punk song with some hardcore stuff... then a pop punk song, we even have a ska-punk song. So our music can’t really be summed up into one word... we play anything we want. What ever happens Happens.

BSW - Who would you like to go on tour with?

R - I would love to go on tour with The Brat Attack, Resistance, Jet Set Satellite would be cool.

BSW - Record any c.d.'s that we should know about? And where can we get them?

R - We are recording an e.p. as we speak. Riess has a recording studio in his house so we record with that. He also records for other bands so if you'd like a good recording that doesnt cost alot email Riess. Our cds would be sold at Planet of Sound in Winnipeg (1109 Henderson Highway). its a really great store... I get all of my cds there!

BSW - Anything else you would like to add?

R - Not really. Just to visit our website at http://www.rejected.2ya. com for more info on the band including photos and lots of fun stuff. I would also like to say thank you to Backstage Winnipeg for doing the interview and to all of the bands we've done shows with... Thanks Dave!

Interview with Serrated Scalpel

By: Cindy Massey

“Winnipeg's Serrated Scalpel was formed in the late 1990's by guitarists Jake Sacher and Greg Wiebe, with brother Joe Wiebe on bass. After a few line-up changes, Chuck Labossiere took over vocal duties in early 2000. An informal 2 song demo was recorded and distributed at local shows, and was well received on the streets, radio waves and in the pit. The summer of 2000 saw drummer Josh Ngolls join the fold, and Serrated Scalpel went to the studio again, this time laying down 3 tracks and then combining them with their earlier 2 to form their self-titled demo debut. The summer of 2001 saw Serrated Scalpel become a four piece with the departure of guitarist Greg. This new line-up facilitated the band's evolution, and the songs written in their new incarnation were not only faster, more brutal and more involved, but ultimately superior. Not satisfied with the dated material on their demo, the band recorded 9 songs to create their first full length, 2002's "Suspended In Misery", which exemplified the direction Serrated Scalpel was taking in their march into the world extreme metal scene.” As quoted from their web page biography.

BSW - As with all bands it looks like you have had to go through a couple of musicians before you got the right combination. How did the remaining members keep their composure during the interim?

SS - There weren't really any idle periods between members, just moves from one to the other. The transitions came at times when things were localized and people were young. The current line-up has been stable for many years and works well.

BSW - Where was Suspended in Misery recorded and do you suggest that the other original projects also record independently, without the current music drama that labels seem to portray?

SS - Parts of the album were recorded at a local studio and others by Chuck. If bands want to get a certain sound, or are being told to have a certain sound by the label which is firstly interested in being able to sell their album, then perhaps a big-name studio is the way to go. It's hard to make a suggestion for others as we might have different goals and ideals. The more control we have and the more efficient the whole process is for us, the better we feel about it.

BSW - Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

SS - Still playing the metal we enjoy regardless of what style the latest trend wave might push the masses to.

BSW - Like Chuck I have also been to the other side, I was wondering if his experience was heaven or hell? And Chuck do you feel more positive about life or has the negativity of life really taken over your thoughts?

SS - I can't tell you what you have experienced, but yes I was shown this "so called" heaven. I think "HEAVEN" is such a shitty word with religious connotations but, it certainly was a "heavenly" place. I am completely at peace with life and I no longer fear death. I don't WANT to die, because life can be filled with pleasures, so I choose to indulge instead. I try to keep my mind positive because "true negativity" is destructive especially when applied to one's self. Why would I want to let my immune system weaken. Fuck these pathetic energy vampires lurking about. I see through everyone's bullshit and Accept the fact that THEY live in a pathetic reality, NOT ME, so I have learned to ground myself as to not get sucked into a weaker human's realm. I take all this negativity that surrounds me and store it for later use. I then apply this energy through artistic expressions.

BSW - In one of your other interviews you say that you love your girlfriends, mothers, sisters and detest rape. Was there a person in your life that this song describes or is it in general as being a topic of disgust?

SS - The song in question is a very old one, based both on a specific instance and our continued disgust towards this righteously criminal act. Beyond the last remnants of Christian morality and other bleeding heart ideals in our society is the fact that those committing fraud receive harsher punishments than rapist bottom-feeders. Having a few of the most unabashed repeat offenders strangle at the end of a rope for all to see rather than suckle the withered tit of the government in penitentiaries for the rest of their cushioned lives would be one good way to start an overhaul of our limp-wristed state, not to mention offer some type of solace to victims and piece of mind to citizens who fund this whole rotten judicial mess.

BSW - Do you really believe that death metal is hateful in general towards specific subjects and wouldn’t that be pigeon holing death metal as being hateful?

SS - This is a subjective term, perhaps, but not necessarily limited to any one subject. However you describe the fundamental energy which is so far diluted out of the simpering children's novelty bands of the past few years who dare to call themselves "death metal" and try to stand next to the likes of Incantation, AngelCorpse or Abhorrence, to name but a few, is what we do firmly believe to be an integral part of not only death metal but other forms, as well. If a band prefers not to be "pigeonholed" by playing metal requiring conviction, power and destructive tendencies, then they should and often do invent little sub-genres in order to hide their inabilities and engage in a scene circle jerk. Being far away from serious groups is one safe way that they can convince their co-workers and girlfriends that they play "death metal".

BSW - You say also in one of your interviews that you think that males are generally more angry/hostile than the females, although, do you not see that changing as more females are speaking out not only in metal but also in other areas of life?

SS - There may be more females speaking out or playing in metal bands than there were at other times, but how much of an impact this has on either biology or metal cannot be said with certainty. This response stemmed from being asked if metal was misogynistic, I believe. Its being largely part of many bands gimmicks was the response, and I maintain that response. Deeper down and perhaps unconsciously is the scientific fact that men are more aggressive, violent etc and thus drawn to this music which at its roots is powered by the same things. If women become more and more like men and vice versa, there will likely be more serious issues in the world than who is playing in what bands. There are more effective platforms for people interested in speaking out, as well : metal doesn't have that much of a social impact when you compare it to media-driven/created music trends.

BSW - Were you all born in Winnipeg?

SS - No, we're from many parts of this gigantic country.

BSW - If you could describe this CD in 10 words or less how would you describe it?

SS - Brutal blackened deathrash metal.

BSW - Is there something positive that you would like to see change the world through your music?

SS - This would likely depend on one's view of positive and negative, just as some might disagree on what is right or wrong, good or bad. If the music can evoke similar feelings as the lyrics portray, that would be a good start.

BSW - In closing, thank you for the interview are there any other thoughts or messages that you would like to leave your fans with?

SS - Thank you, and prepare for the soon to be completed Serrated Scalpel album.

Interview with The Shimmys

By: Kristie Allen

BSW - Introduce the band to us.

TS - The band is/are Robbie Kelly (bass and vocals) from Ireland Robert Mackay (guitar and vocals) Andrew Mackay (drums and sarcastic comments) also from Scotland

BSW - Where did you come up with the name "The Shimmys"?

TS - We came up with the name because it’s Andrew’s nickname (Shimmys) because he's an immigrant (immy) from Scotland so “Shimmy” and we figured it’d be a cool name because were all immigrants

BSW - How long have you been together and how did you meet?

TS - We have been together from about a year and a half we met through Bryan Thessin who played guitar before moving as the band needed a bass player then he went to Saskatchewan leaving Rob, Rob and Andrew

BSW - Any recordings we should know about? And where can we buy one if you have one?

TS - We have one self-recorded (in Robbie’s bedroom) called “YOU FAIL”.It has four tracks and runs at about 10-15 minutes long if you would like a copy email us @ or visit and contact us from there

BSW - Describe your music, and what one may see at one of your shows.

TS - Our music ranges from rock to punk to punk-pop really a large variation but all hard orientated our shows are usually drunk and stupid. Robbie likes to yell stupid shit and break stuff everyone else is sensible but we like to make fun or hecklers

BSW - What is your goal with The Shimmys?

TS - To get our music out there and to let people hear what we are thinking.

BSW - Name 3 things that you would like to accomplish as a musician.

TS - For people to hear and enjoy our music, to travel and see places we’ve never been and to have fun at all costs.

BSW - Where are you playing next?

TS - We have no gigs scheduled right now because we are trying to get some recording done.

BSW – Well thanks for the interview guys! And let us know where we can see ya play next!

Interview with Ditchpig

By: Cindy Massey

Extra Remarks By: Kristie Allen

BSW - So you guys have been around the block a few times, 11 years and your first CD release that was in 2003. What else can we expect from Ditchpig?

DP - Well, we had one in 10, so it will be two in 20. But you won’t have to wait. We’re working on it now. Expect it before beer beer beer.

BSW - How would you describe what local original music musicians have to go through e.g. the music scene?

DP - This question is dumb and makes no sense. Musicians, local or not, have to learn to play their instruments, write good songs, play gigs, record and lose money. You’ll never win. Don’t try. (BSW – Hmmm….maybe you should pick up "Hooked On Phonics" so you can R-E-A-D the question, then maybe you will U-N-D-E-R-ST- A-N-D it better)

BSW - Do you feel that the smoking ban has had a lot to do with the lack of venues to play in now?

DP - No. There’s still the same amount of venues. (BSW – Good call Poindexter!)

BSW - What can someone who hasn?t seen one of your shows expect to see or get out of one of your shows?

DP - This is the true speed punk you’ve dreamt about. Four veterans. We’re heavy, fast, hard, skilled and you won’t get STD’s, which is what the panel keeps repeating. "I know you’re trying to blah with the serious website but with questions like this what am I expected to answer? Hold that thought, sorry, I have to take a poop." (BSW – Did you wipe?)

BSW - You state over and over how much fun you guys have had over the years, any idea of how many more years we can have fun with you guys?

DP - Yes . We have had a lot of fun over the years, This is why we do this. Why else would 4 grown men hang out a lot getting sweaty playing with wooden things. Expect many more years from ditchpig. (BSW – Isn’t that called a "circle jerk"?)

BSW - Where can we see your next show?

DP - Dec.23 at the Zoo with the Fabulous Kildonans (older than us and not so hot), Shrimp (hot chick punk) and Trouser Mouth (who suck and smell). All great local bands you should see or you will suck worse than Trouser Mouth.

BSW - Are you thinking of recording again?

DP - Yes. (BSW – Lots of info here! When, where? Hmmm….)

BW - What advice can you give an original artist about the independent recording industry e.g. $ values, and business info?

DP - See question no. 2. You never win, don’t try! (BSW –Like I said go get "Hooked on Phonics!")

BSW - Thanks for the interview guys is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

DP - There’s a Chinese band called the Ditchpigs. Google them and come see us at (BSW - I hear they're hung like mice!)

Interview with

By: Kristie Allen

When I had first discovered this site, I had to know more about it Not only is Indie one of our advertisers, I truly believe this is a fantastic site for all the musicians and music lovers out there! So check it out!

BSW - First off, tell us a little about Indie and what you can offer.

JAY - Indie is designed to promote indie artists in a unique way by streaming their concerts worldwide. Further, it is not only beneficial for artists, but venues, promoters, labels, and Booking agents.

BSW - Why did you decide to start this site? Any story behind it?

JAY - The story behind the idea came out-of-the blue when I was talking to a musician January 1 last year about the hassle of seeing concerts in Hollywood. Here you have to pay $10 to park, after the traffic hassle drive, then another $10 for a ticket to hear a band you probably never heard of. So, I just said to this musician, "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see bands at home on the internet?" He just stared at me, and said, that would be a great idea." Well, I said to myself, yeah, that would be. So, I did research, and didn't find anyone doing what I envisioned. So, for days I barely got sleep dreaming, and writing out my big idea. The site domain was quickly registered, then the rest of the year was simply planning, organizing, making contacts, etc, There were a number of times I wanted to give up on the idea, but was able to invest money into it when my dad died. I have spent countless hours, and thousands of my own dollars to help musicians. That is my main motivation to be honest.

BSW - How long has your site been up and running?

JAY - had a coming soon page in January last year, but the first show was not available until June of this year.

BSW - How has the response been in the music community?

JAY - I have had great response to my idea with people telling me how cool it is, good timing, etc.. When I was planning the site, some even said I should patent the idea.

BSW - Is this available outside of the U.S? And if so (or if not), Where is it available?

JAY - Yes, my service works for everyone worldwide who is English speaking. For example, I have a hard rock band from India, two bands from France, viewers from Japan, Russia, and places in between.

BSW - How much does this service cost? And how would we go about setting this up?

JAY - To get featured, bands only pay a one-time setup fee of $50. This is for video encoding, database setup, and pay-per-per programming. To stream a show, the cost is $6.50 for concert 30 minutes are longer. Before a viewer pays for the concert, they have the option of previewing 5 minutes for free. Bands first register by filling out the online form, and have the responsibility of videotaping their show. I now have an online list of professional videographers they can choose someone from. A copy of the footage is then sent to me for processing.

BSW - What can one expect to get for their money?

JAY - For their money, artists get exposure to labels, booking agents, venues, as well as potential fans from around the world. In addition, I offer 50% royalty for each stream, paid monthly.

BSW - Well thanks for the interview and good luck with your future endeavours!

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