Backstage Winnipeg Interviews

Crematorium by Cindy Massey

Answered by Daniel Dismal - Vocalist of Crematorium 

BSW: Describe the original music scene in L.A.

DD: The scene out here is pretty weird in many ways. It really depends on what's hot and what's not to tell you the truth. This even goes for music that most would consider underground. An example would be the sudden influx of people into Black Metal in Los Angeles or Hardcore. It used to be that there was predominately a Death Metal, Metal and Punk scene out here mixed with some Nu-Metal kids in the more recent years. Then all the sudden most of the Death Metal and Metal scene started crossing over into Black Metal and the Punks and Nu-Metal kids got into Hardcore. I guess that people needed to find something a little more underground to satisfy their needs but the bottom line is that these people talk about their new found scenes as if they were always a part of it. Like it never existed before they found out about it. It's funny to me how people will switch like that out here and think that because they dress the part, act the part and listen to the "right" music all of the sudden they are "true" or "down" with the scene. Maybe it's just a gradual evolution I witnessed but it just seemed odd to me how the bulk of such a large scene could change pretty much overnight. It's one of Los Angeles 's great mysteries in my book.

BSW: Do you have any good road trip stories to share, like about those booze festivities you speak of?  

DD: Of course we've had our fair share of drinking till the lights grow dim stories but that's really not what sticks in our minds. It's those moments that at the time seem really horrible but later on we can sit back and laugh about. We've had all sorts of stuff happen to us on the road to be completely honest. From our trailer popping off the hitch while we're driving 70mph down the highway to our van getting stuck in the mud in a rain storm which subsequently ended with us out of the mud but the 3 vehicles that were trying to help us were left about a foot deep in the same mud. It goes on and on and on and it doesn't end at anything that you would expect it to end at. Besides all the freak accidents that happen to us we're pretty much known as a band that loves to joke around and have a good time. One of the funniest tours we were ever a part of was the Immolation, Grave, Goatwhore and Crematorium US tour a few years back. It was like the whole tour clicked with each other and from the first night we were all messing around with each other and by the last night we were torturing each other on stage. It's those good memories that make up our road trip stories and not the drunken nights because hell, we have plenty of those here at home! 

BSW: Murder Core what is this all about?  

DD: Well the whole thing started when we were sending out an EP we recorded called "A World Where Only Nightmares Prevail." We spent a lot of time and personal money sending that EP our to every magazine, website, fanzine and radio station we could find. We actually went through about 4,500 of these things before we got signed to Prosthetic Records. Basically a lot of people had a hard time putting us into a genre so we had all sorts of things floating around about us. Pretty much some of the common phrases that were mentioned when talking about our music was how the raw emotion of our music made the listener want to murder something or someone. Besides that we were getting compared to a lot of old school hardcore bands which of course made sense when you listened to our music. With all of this in mind I sat down one day and put together the phrase Murdercore to describe what Crematorium played. Sure, I don't talk about murder in my lyrics on the physical level but you can derive a notion that my lyrics call for the murder of a lot of humanities thought processes which over run our world today. Now we've had this name for the music we play for at least 3 years, some members hated it but they understood the reason why this came about and now we sit back and watch other bands call themselves Murdercore. Hell, if we never make it anywhere in this world at least we know that our music helped spawn a genre, not many bands can say that. 

BSW: How does it differ from Death Metal?  

DD: The main element that makes Murdercore differ from Death Metal I would say is the over all sound that comes out. We have a lot of various influences in our music and this is because as people we all come from various walks of life and also music scenes. We all love metal, death metal, grind etc etc but we all love other forms of music as well. This love of other styles comes out in our music whereas most Death Metal bands are too worried about being brutal and over the top. It's actually funny sometimes because we get reviews where we get shredded because we're not heavier or faster then some of the top notch Death Metal bands in the scene today but that's not what we're going for. Some reviewers claim that we sound like some pretty brutal bands and that gets out to other reviewers so I believe they're expecting one thing and getting another. We admit that what we do is not for everyone but we've always kept a strong fan base in the Death Metal scene while expanding into other scenes. Some band would get mad at seeing such a diverse crowd at their shows but we welcome it with open arms. 

BSW: What can you tell us about your musical influences?  

DD: Me personally I am influenced by various different artists and bands. It's hard for me to generalize things into what actually influenced me completely. Of course there's the obvious bands like Napalm Death, Suffocation, Pyrexia, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Carcass, Godflesh, At The Gates as well as old school bands like Metallica and Slayer. As a group we love Metal and everything else that a band like ours thrives on but it just doesn't stop there. Without getting off point too much my main influences lyrically were Jello from the Dead Kennedys, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and latter day Carcass. These bands taught me ways to express myself through words but twist my words in a way which would make the reader or listener really look into what you're trying to say. Sometimes when things are bluntly put a person will just shrug it off but when you challenge them mentally they'll actually spend time trying to understand the message you're trying to convey. With my vocal styles I have always admitted that my timing has been grounded in Hip-Hop and Rap. I think it's amazing how the old school rappers would take a beat that repeated and make it into a song just using their voices and timing changes. Tone wise I've always loved the vocalists for Suffocation, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, MDC, DRI, Obituary, Carcass, Disrupt and many many more. I could go on for hours but I better cut it here. 

BSW: When can we see you playing Canada?  

Hopefully soon! We've always wanted to come over to Canada but the tours we've been a part of never make it up that way. Hopefully with this new album we'll finally reach Canada as well as Europe! 

BSW: Describe your writing processes?  

DD: Pretty much the music is written by someone in the band, they play it for the other members and then they add to the song until we're all happy with it. From there I write my lyrics with the beats and timing changes in mind which is a bit off from other vocalists as they'll write lyrics before they hear a song and try to cram everything into small spaces. The reason why I don't highlight one person that's writing is because everyone in Crematorium writes music for our songs. Our guitar players, bass player, drummer and even myself contribute to the writing process. I was a bass player before I joined Crematorium and still to this day I play guitar in bands out here in Los Angeles. This definitely makes way for a lot of new ideas when you have some many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.  

BSW: What is the best thing about your shows, what do you really get off on?  

DD: We just really love playing! Seeing the audience, meeting new people, getting to know them and then performing for them. I think by now it's pretty wide spread that we're really really friendly with our fans, the other bands we're playing with as well as the people who book our shows in the various towns. I think that connects us to our audience and once we have that connection we really enjoy getting on stage and putting our best show on for the people. Sure, sometimes we're tired or sick but even in those instances we're trying to have a good time. Of course we love it when the crowd goes insane for us while we're playing but we can enjoy a crowd that's standing there looking at us if we know they're there to hear the music and get some enjoyment out of it. 

BSW: Who’s available and whose not? Enquiring minds want to know.  

DD: Hahaha, what a question! I am guessing you mean who's dating someone and who's single? Right now Mark our rhythm guitar player and Taylor our drummer are single. Frank, Aaron and myself are in relationships but I am always for hire! You'd be surprised what 10 dollars will buy you when it comes to me :) 

BSW: What do you feel, is your band bringing to the world, what’s your message?  

DD: My message has always been one that varies between songs but there's a common thought that goes behind all my lyrics and that's the fact that I believe that the human race has been so busy destroying everything around us that we've lost touch with ourselves. Whether this destruction stems from corporate greed, racism, sexism, classism or the way religion has gone away from what it's supposed to preach to its masses. The band itself has a message that people should never give up on their dreams or their hopes. As a band we've lost so many members, had so many bad times on the road, argued with each other until we wanted to kill each other in the middle of the night and even been arrested as a band which caused us to lose everything on the road. Here we are though, still pushing and still trying to climb the ladder. A lot of people see this and most of them have expressed admiration for our drive. Sure, some people aren't into us musically but if they know us and what we've gone through there's no denying the fact that we deserve every ounce of success we ever have, are or will get.

BSW: Is there any other words that you would like to give our readers about your project?  

DD: Please feel free to contact us and if anything that I've answered or talked about hasn't made any sense or has sparked a question in your mind please contact me. We're a very open band and we don't take things as attacks on us or the band. We hope to see everyone on tour soon and take care of each other because in the end, each other is all we have. 

BSW: Thank you for the interview, I look forward to seeing you someday. Put more pictures up on your myspace for us, Thanks.

Interview with Arumai

By Cindy Massey

BSW: 1st off, introduce Arumai to us and where you are all from?

A: Arumai’s made up of Tristen on the skins, Avi on the guitar, Josh on the sax, Steve toasting, singing and banging the djembe… and whoever we can con into playing bass at the time which is usually Nick from Attire Optional. Tristen and Avi are from Stonewall and Josh and Steve are currently residing in Winnipeg .

BSW: Tell us how you came up with the name Arumai.

A: We grabbed a South African dictionary

BSW: How long has everyone been playing for, individually? And how long as a band.

A: I’ve been singing since I was three, Tristen’s been playing drums for six years, all I know is Avi and Josh have been playing ska for less than a year and do it like it’s been a lifetime investment for them.

BSW: I noticed that you have played basically all age shows. How old is everyone in the band?

A: The band’s age ranges from 15-21.

BSW: Who are your influences? And do you think this comes through in your songs?

A: We all have very different tastes in music. And the stuff we play varies a lot. I’d have to say JFK and the Conspirators got me into dancehall, but I’ve taken a lot from King Django, and Dr. Ringding as well. As for ska, we’ve been listening to a lot of The Slackers, and Chris Murray. The influences have been coming through a lot more lately then they were when we first started playing… although then we started playing folk too… and I have no clue where that came from.

BSW: Describe you writing process for us, and what you write about.

A: The writing process is always different. Tristen, Avi and I sat down and wrote revolution together on my front steps the day before we played it for the first time. Typically what will happen is I’ll write out some lyrics and have a vague idea of what I want Avi to do. When I try to explain it to him, he plays something that’s a lot better than what I had in mind, and everybody kind of layers their way in. We write about a lot of different things. Relationships, life in general, and injustice are frequent topics though.

BSW: Have you recorded any cd’s and where can your fans get a copy? If not, any plans on getting one out there?

A: We’ve been intending to record for quite some time, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So for now if you want to hear us, you’re going to have to come see us play.

BSW: How would you describe your live performance? And where can your fans catch your next show?

A: Our live performances are always good. We like to run around and play a few songs on the acoustic for whomever we can find ahead of time. Then once we get on stage it’s a barrage of ska and reggae for the most part, with some folk and rock thrown in for good measure. We don’t have a date lined up just yet but we’re supposed to be playing a show in Stonewall at Odd Fellows Hall soon.

BSW: Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

A: Thanks to all the fans who have been coming to see us out since we started and all the punk kids who put up with ska and reggae at their shows.

BSW: Thanks so much for the interview! 

Interview with Autumn Avanue

By Kristie Allen

BSW: First and fore most, who is “Autumn Avanue” and where are you from?

AA: Autumn Avanue is Rick Dean and Kris Duncan, we are from Cobourg

Ontario .

BSW: How long has the band been together and how did you meet?

AA: I was the singer in a screamo/punk band before autumn avanue and we Were looking for another guitar player and some of the other guys in the band new Kris from school so when he joined the band we realized there was more of a musical chemistry and a year ago we started a side project that eventually became autumn avanue.

BSW: How would you describe the music scene in Ontario ? I always seem to ask bands this question, as I know in Winnipeg we have a pretty supportive scene. I am always curious to know if it’s that way in other regions of the world.

AA: From my experience so far playing as an acoustic band the fans have shown a genuine interest in our music and have been very supportive of what we're doing. But as a punk band...that scene is fucked, if someone doesn't like your music they let you know right away and get as many people as they can to back them. So what I'm saying is the Ontario music scene isn't exactly the most welcoming.

BSW: You’ve recently signed with Exit 57 Records. Tell us how that came to be.

AA: Exit 57 Records. Co-founded by Murray Daigle of MDS Recording (Cauterize, Summerhero, Not by Choice, Mudmen, and many more) and Shane Macaulay of (founder of Murray contacted us and asked if we wanted to work on putting together an EP and during the process we ended up signing to their newly founded label.

BSW: Originally, Exit 57 Records was going to do a 6 song EP, but then decided to go for a full length album. Any reason behind this?

AA: After signing with the label we decided a full length album would be better for us because there was a high demand for us to release a full length as well as the label saw us as a good investment. lol.

BSW: Your new c.d. will be out in mid fall. I understand that this will be an all acoustic release? Tell us a bit about it. AND, where can we get our hands on a copy?

AA: Our album will be entirely acoustic, there's nothing that has been done digitally. We wanted to keep the feel of the album as natural as possible so even for percussion we've done things like smacking one of the shelves in Murray ’s office and using it as a kick drum. Or hitting two stacks of paper together for a snare sound. I know I've never heard anything like this before so we're hoping we can blow some people away with this record. We have a street release date where you can only purchase the album online or at one of our shows.

BSW: Will you be going out on tour to promote the new c.d.? If so, where are you headed? Will you be stopping by “The Peg”? ( Winnipeg )

AA: We will definitely be going on tour to promote the album this is one thing we are most excited about. We plan on hitting up as many cities as we possibly can, and I'm pretty sure Winnipeg is one of our stops on our way out west.

BSW:  Exit 57 Records is putting together a compilation of various bands.

Will one of your songs be included on this?

AA: Our song "my only chance" is on the exit 57 compilation

BSW: Since I live in Manitoba and have not had the opportunity to see you play, what could I expect to see if I were to be in attendance at a gig?

AA: At an autumn avanue show we love to get up close and personal with the crowd but you never know what’s really going to happen, you can definitely expect screaming girls, clapping and sing alongs. Some fans even feel comfortable enough to sit up on the stage with us.

BSW: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

AA: There's tones we want to say to our fans, we want to meet every single one of them so come out to the shows. You can also get in touch with us at

BSW: Well thank-you for the interview! I hope to see you play someday! If you are ever in Winnipeg , be sure to get in touch with me!

Interview with The One Eyed Jacks

By Cindy Massey

BSW: Where are you all from?

OEJ: We are from these ports: Vancouver , London , Hamilton , and Winnipeg

BSW: Any stories of your pillaging to share with us?

OEJ: Sugarnuts managed to pillage us a bunch of free beers from the beer garden at warped tour in Calgary . Suckers, they thought we were some main stage band haha. Also, after introducing Horrorpops to Vancouver ’s East Side , the best drunken alley dominatrix gave it up as sober Stromer set sail.

BSW: What is the best thing about your shows, what do you really get off on?

OEJ: Hand-picked crowd, choice produce, sugar nuts squeeze box, and a treasure chest

BSW: You know this is seriously ironic but a bunch of my mates had this very idea a few days ago.  Did you also come up with the idea while inebriated?


BSW: What can you tell us about the music scene where you are?

OEJ:  It is good – there are more good bands then good venues though. We need some more good venues. We were in Calgary in June and we went to brew brothers which is way nicer than 95% of the joints in Vancouver .

BSW: What can you tell us about your musical influences?

OEJ: They are pretty wide ranging. I think when people hear some of the new stuff we have been working on they might be a bit surprised. Stromer has been breaking out the harp wherever possible. And we are adding more accordion in to every song.

BSW: When can we see you playing Winnipeg ?

OEJ: We’re hoping to make it out to Winnipeg in spring or summer of 2006

BSW: Describe your writing processes?

OEJ: Crown Royal, Neat, Vanilla Candles, Heat pack, Ice Cubes, Totally Shaven.

BSW: Who’s available and who’s not? Enquiring minds want to know.

OEJ: Everybody pretty much except for our drummer who is expecting his first kid any day now with his girlfriend.

BSW:  What do you feel, is your band bringing to the world, what’s your


OEJ: Do it for the good times with your friends, smoke/drink em if you

got em, Bed wetters are people too. Don’t be shy, rock the plank

BSW: Is there any other words that you would like to give our readers about your project?

OEJ: We’re working on demos right now for the new album. It won’t be out

Until next year though. Look for lots more accordion. We wanna criss-cross The country soon, so watch out for us in your town! Pick a card, any card!

Interview withTwelve34

By Kristie Allen

BSW: Ok, first and foremost, who is “Twelve34”? And where are all of you from?

T34: twelve34 are
Ottawa Canada 's finest exports. Myself, Eric St-Cyr on guitar, my bro Jason St-Cyr on bass, Chris Amos on percussion and last but definitely not least, Jasen Colson on lead vocals and drums.

BSW: Is there any meaning behind your band name?

T34: That's a good question, because I'm sure every band with numbers in their name just had that because it was a big trend a couple years back, but we didn't really have that in mind with our name. Jasen came up with it, he always thought it was a cool band name because whenever he looks over at the clock, it's
12:34 . If you're superstitious, you're supposed to make a wish at that time, but it almost like a curse for him. Instead, now it's a curse for any of our fans, because twice a day they look at the clock and get our songs stuck in their head.

BSW: Can you tell us how you met, and how long you all have been playing together as well as individually?

T34: We've been playing together so long, in so many different ways that it's almost hard to keep it straight. Of course, my brother and I have been jammin' for a long time. We started playing music together in 1985, back when we were little runts. Chris Amos joined our musical process close to 10 years ago, in a band called Soul Harvest with me and my brother (though I came and went from that gig). Jasen Colson brought his talent about 5 years ago in a band with myself called Ignition, and we've been working closely together ever since.

BSW: Tell us a bit about your writing process.

T34: In the initial stages, I wrote all the material, brought it to band practice and taught everybody their parts. That made up 95% of our first album. For this latest album, everybody is throwing in their songwriting and it couldn't sound any better. As we grow, we're becoming more of a collaborative and our ideas are flowing together as one.

BSW: Yes “typical question” here, but who are you influences and do you feel that some of them show through in your songs?

T34: That is an offensively typical question, and I'm glad that you recognized it. But people are probably interested in that, to get an idea of where we're coming from. Our influences vary from all of us, and that gives us the collective sound that we have. I'm into the 70's hard rock scene, driving guitar riffs and ballzy singing. My brother Jason is into the folky-accoustic side of things, and Jasen loves 70's prog and some early 80's stuff as well. Chris is into a lot of stuff, especially some really old rock stuff.

BSW: For someone who hasn’t been to one of your live shows, what could we expect to see?

T34: The live shows are the groundwork for any band. Any band can pull off a great recording, but if you suck live, you're not a good band. That being said, we take our live shows up a level. We take the fundamentals of our songs and slam the hell out of them, and hopefully hitting the right notes while flying around the stage. If we just stood up on stage playing our instruments, then you wouldn't really be at a rock show. Fans can expect anything from girls jumping on stage and flashing everyone while pissing themselves, to playing a rowdy game of bingo in between songs.

BSW: What are your plans with the band? Any long term dreams, goals?

T34: We don't have time to daydream, we just take it one day at a time. We're pretty happy at the indie level right now because we make albums that we like, and others like it as well, so why change what we're doing? Our plans are just to keep making albums and writing music, and of course playing gigs. If at some point some idiot in a suit wants to give us stacks of cash to do the same thing, then who are we to turn him down?

BSW: Do you feel that your new c.d. “‘nk you” differs from your first? And if so, how?

T34: First off, isn't that an irritating word to write? I think the main thing is that we all got to produce our songs, everybody did the songwriting on it. It also meant that I didn't have to write all 16 songs, so we only used everybody's best tracks. We've already started writing stuff for our 3rd album, songwriting is a constant thing with us. Also, with songs like "Too Damn Late", we're showing a lot of musical growth and I think our existing fans will love it as well as hopefully new slews of twelve34-ites.

BSW: You self-produce all your songs? Can you tell us why you decided to do this instead of hiring someone?

T34: All of us in the band have a pretty good idea of how our songs should sound, and there's no point getting another cook in the kitchen when we're already happy with it. We have been talking with a really great producer, Greg Campbell, who really wants to work with us, so we might be doing some new stuff with him.

BSW: Do you have any plans on touring to promote your new c.d.? And most importantly, are you coming to
Winnipeg ?

T34: We've actually had a lot of requests to come to
Winnipeg , so that's a definite possibility. We're always looking to play more gigs, but it has to make sense as far as our tour plans and our regular lives go as well. We mostly play the 3 cities of Ottawa , Montreal and Toronto , and occasionally Kingston .

BSW: Any shows booked for October?

T34: After our cd release on September 30th in
Ottawa , we have no tour dates booked. We will have tour dates, I just have no idea where they will be yet. Flying by the edge of our seats.

BSW: Where can your fans get a copy of your new release?

T34: Check out for a list of stores that carry our record, and if there isn't a city near by, we've got a sweet online store where you can get all our cd's and merch as well.

BSW: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

T34: FANS OF TWELVE34, LISTEN CLOSELY. We love you very much. And if you aren't a fan yet, don't you want this kind of love coming your way?

BSW: Well thanks so much for the interview guys! I hope you make it to The “Peg someday!!!

By Cindy Massey

Floor Thirteen is a four-piece band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Featured on “The River City Rawks Class of 2005” c.d., they have been rocking the airwaves for months. Their sound is straight up rock and roll with a bold, new approach and boasts a live show that will “get your ass up and onto the dance floor.”
Come check these guys out at our very own One Year Birthday Bash, September 24th at The Zoo.

BSW: Who is Floor Thirteen and why did you chose this name?

FT: Floor Thirteen is Rock and Roll played by Marc (guitar), Aaron (bass), Billy (drums) and Koz (vocals). The name question is always one that we hate answering because we don't really have any cool stories behind it.... like our drummer fell of the 13th floor of an old building, or that Marc lost his virginity on a 13th floor... It's just a name that has suck with us from years and years ago... I guess it kind of signifies being different or rare...

BSW: I see from your web page that you have some exciting things coming up in the future. Would you like to tell us about them?

FT: Well Power 97 has been great to us with all of the air-play and they've been hooking us up with some cool shows, with hopefully more to come. We're working on a few dates in Toronto and down in the States as well as a Western Canada tour. We'll also be playing an ass-load of shows here in the city, so come check us out....

BSW: When will you be recording a CD?

FT: We currently have a 5 song EP available and are in the midst of recording our full-length. We are pretty excited about the new tunes that we're laying down in the studio and can't wait to release them! Hopefully we'll have it out for the Spring of 2006.

BSW: Who are some of your influences?

FT: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, U2, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, The Tragically Hip, Neil Young, INXS, Live, Jet, The Vines, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Crowes, Pink Floyd, The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots, Danko Jones, Eric Clapton, Iggy and the Stooges, David Bowie, Lenny name a few...

BSW: How do you describe the music scene here?

FT: Well hung.... There are so many great bands in this city. Whenever we go check out a show, we are constantly amazed by both the bands as well as the support that they receive from their fans. Local radio, television, and websites like this one also keep the scene alive with all of their support!

BSW: Could you describe your writing processes for our readers?

FT: Well we have this thing we call the "bag" and it's full of half written riffs and other exciting junk. Sometimes the bag is full and other times it's empty... or has a hole in it. When we decide that its time for a new song, we reach into the bag and see what comes out. Out of every three or so riffs from the bag, one becomes a song and makes it into our repitoir. We co-write all of our songs in a dark murky basement where our inspiration is insightful and sometimes booze-induced.

BSW: Who are your 3 favorite Winnipeg bands?

FT: Tin Foil Phoenix (we kick their ass in Halo from time to time) The Waking Eyes (we like their hair and the way they smell) Girl Friday (they made us add them to this list)

BSW: What can we expect from Floor 13 if we come to your show?

FT: Our favourite quote is probably "Balls to the Wall Rock n Roll" -Philly the Kid. We always try to put on a high-energy, exciting show to keep the audience on their feet. If we're not soaked in sweat by the end, then we didn't do our job.

BSW: If you could leave our readers with a message about your project what would that be?

FT: You should come out to our shows and buy our merchandise...

BSW: Anything else you would like to add? We look forward to seeing you play at our 1 Year Birthday Bash! Thanks for the opportunity to interview you.

FT: Make sure to check-out for all your Floor Thirteen needs.

The New Aesthetic is a fairly new band in the scene that hails from the Steinbach Area. (Ok maybe not so "new" as in they've only been together for 6 months, but "new" as in just under 2 years) This band has already had their fair share of shows and touring across Canada.

Sadly their drummer has left, but don’t fret kiddies this will not stop them….they will be back again with a bigger and even better show!

BSW: Please introduce “The New Aesthetic” to us and where everyone is from?

TNA: Hey everyone, we're The New Aesthetic: Adam (Steinbach),Chris (Rosenort), Keith (Steinbach),and Jordan (St. Jean-Baptiste)

BSW: Any story on the band name?

TNA: We actually got it from the first batman movie ha ha. When Adam heard it he was like "YES! THAT WILL BE OUR BAND NAME!!" So we stuck with that.

BSW: How long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

TNA: We all became friends through going to shows, playing shows with each others bands, and through girlfriends haha...and we've been a band for about a year and a half now.

BSW: Describe you writing process for us, and what you write about.

TNA: Keith will usually come up with a riff and bring it to practice where we would finish writing the music. From there, Adam or Keith will come up with lyrics and melodies.

BSW: You have recorded a demo, do you have any other cd’s we should know about? Or any others in the works?

TNA: Yeah, we have an older 5 song ep we did with John Paul Peters which is currently out of print.

BSW: You recently got back from the road. Where did you tour to? And what are the music scenes like in other areas you have been to?
TNA: We went everywhere from Kamloops - Toronto. There’s a lot of good scenes out there, Regina probably being the best one we played to on tour.

BSW: What is your favorite venue to play?

TNA: At home it's the Collective...and on the road it's The Exchange in Regina.

BSW: Do you have any local favorites? And who would you like to play with in the future?

TNA: We're all huge fans of Comeback kid, so we'd definately like to play with them in the future. Some other local favorites include Sick City, Every New Day, Hollow Ground and Dolphin Striker.

BSW: How would you describe your live performance? And do you have any shows planned for September?

TNA: In your face high energy would best describe our live show. But unfortunately we won't be playing any shows for the next few months, due to our drummer leaving. So we'll be looking for a new drummer and writing new songs in the meantime.

BSW: Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

TNA: Sit tight, we'll be back soon with a new lineup and new songs!

BSW: Thanks so much for the interview

TNA: Your welcome, thanks for having us!

Interview withThe Caustic

By Kristie Allen

The Caustic are four guys with some instruments and a drive to play music. Through highschool and breakups they remained inseperable. Their devotion to having a good time and to entertain us, I now bring to you the Caustic.

BSW: 1st off, introduce "The Caustic" to us and where you are all from?

TC: Maciej: vocals, lead guitar, Jeremy: vocals, rhythm guitar, Cliff: bass, and Jordan: drums. We’re all from Winnipeg, except Maciej, he was born in Poland and moved here when he was nine months old.

BSW: How did you all meet? And how long have you been together as a band?

TC: We all met in high school, Jer and Cliff met in junior high. We’ve been a band for about a year and a half.

BSW: How long has everyone been playing for, individually?

TC: Maciej’s been playing guitar for nine years, Cliff’s been playing bass for six years, Jeremy’s been playing guitar for eight years, and Jordan’s been playing drums for two and a half years.

BSW: Who are your influences? And do you think this comes through in your songs?

TC: Our influences are: Nirvana, The Unseen, Black Flag, John Lennon,

Mogwai, In Flames, Slayer, Michael Jackson, and Tito Puento. We think some influences come through more than others, mainly The Unseen, MJ, and Nirvana.

BSW: Describe you writing process for us.

TC: Maciej writes four chords on four different pieces of paper and puts them in a hat, then Jer picks them out at random. Voila!

BSW: What do you hope to accomplish with this band?

TC: World Domination. Or maybe just a tour of Canada.

BSW: You have a lot of shows under your belt. Which one is the most memorable for you and why?

TC: We played a show at the Hemp Rock the night of one of our buddy’s birthdays and we were going back and forth from the show and the Gentleman’s Club all night. By the time we played, we were pretty juiced and Cliff was wearing a pirate suit. Nobody was really there, but it was a blast. I guess anytime we play tipsy, something usually happens. People want to be our drummer, singers get tossed from the stage, something like that…

BSW: If you could name three bands that you would eventually like to play with, who would they be? (1st famous and any local bands)

TC: Oingo Boingo, The Unseen, Sharon, Lois, and Bram

BSW: How would you describe your live performance? And do you have any gigs lined up for September?

TC: Stripes, flannel, ties, pirates, 1-2 step, and pelvic thrusts. You can see us in action September 3rd, 10th, 24th, and 30th all at the Hemp Rock. These are all benefit shows for our EP. You can check for the lineups.

BSW: You started recording an EP in July. How is that going (is it done?) and where did you record it?

TC: We recorded with Matt Bastard, formerly of Buried in the Backyard, May 2004 and recently recorded with Brendan Fast of Christ Punchin’ Productions.

BSW: When can we expect to hear this EP of yours? And where can we get one?

TC: We’re still touching up a few songs, but it should be out by Halloween ’05. It’s called the “Smell” EP and you will be able to get it through us.

BSW: Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

TC: ATTIRE OPTIONAL RULES!! Go to the Hemp Rock!

BSW: Thanks so much for the interview!

TC: Thank You! And we loved you on Cheers. ;)

BSW: HA HA! Gee, uh thanks for comparing me to an overweight brunette…but hey, I’ll take any “compliments” I can get! HA HA!

Death By Incest You would think that this band from Winnipeg, who has gone through so many member changes would have just given up. Nope not these guys. Determined to have their voices heard, they trudge on into the cruel world of music.

BSW: You’re “going through changes” as Ozzy would say? How has this experience made you a stronger band?

Devin E Bray ESQ: We've gone through tons of line-up changes. We're had numerous members come and go but we think we have the best band possible right now with Turtle from The City Champs on drums.

BSW: What ages did you start listening to music and who were your favorite artists?

D: I think Busby and Meyer sort of discovered all their bands mostly on their own over the years. My family listens to mostly the same music as me so I've been hearing it all for years.

BSW: Where were you all born?

D: Winnipeg!

BSW: Could you describe your writing processes to our readers?

D: The bulk of the song writing was done by our singer (Matt Meyer) and now I write some of the songs too. We don't really sit down and write, its kind of like we'll write a whole bunch at home or while we're drinking and just bring them to practice. Busby usually writes the music to our songs right then and there.

BSW: What would you like to see change in the music scene here in Winnipeg?

D: Less fuckin drama. Girls crying all the time and shit makes for an
uncomfortable situation. and less bottle smashing and vandalism at all agers. That's shits fuckin stupid.

BSW: Can you tell us a funny road story? Like what is the most outrageous thing that ever happened?

D: We've never been on tour, but coming back on the bus drunk from those hot sweaty hemp rock shows have sure been fun. Our artist that did our June 10th poster (Scott Dudgeon, Part of The Problem Productions) is always with us at shows and we always get tanked together. It provides some fun times on the bus rides there and back.

BSW: Have you got a label in mind for that upcoming CD?

D: We did, but they went under. We're recording in my dads friends basement, but the quality won't be like a 4-track recorder or anything. A few names from the album are bouncing around. Be sure it will make you laugh, or make you puke.

BSW: What is one of the hardest things you’ve had to go through in the music business?

D: Nothings been brain destroyingly hard, but finding all ages venues has been tough.

BSW: What would you say to a little kid that asked you how to start a band?

D: I don't know. I'd probably untie him and let him out of my basement first.

BSW: Thank you very much for the interview. I look forward to seeing your show soon. Feel free to take this time and say anything you want to our readers.

D: Listen to Attire Optional and Read Backstage Winnipeg.

Interview with

By Cindy Massey

Splatter (Vancouver) is a four piece band from Vancouver, B.C. who have one mission: to make music and to have fun doing it. Currently on tour from Vancouver all the way to Winnipeg, this band has been tearing up the stage with their unique and aggressive sound. What makes this band so different is that they’re heavy, but mixed with elements of punk, metal, grindcore, rock, jazz and even reggae. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday! This interview was conducted with CM - Vocals and Martin Meyer - Bass

BSW: What have you heard about our music scene in Winnipeg?

CM: We heard that the musicianship out there is top notch. Bands like "Children of Tragedy" have really set a high standard of musicianship. Saw them when the came out here in Vancouver.

Martin: They have Andrew Wiens, one of the best guitar players I know. I played in a project with him called Steeltoe Persuasion a few years back.

BSW: Have you all always been interested in music?

CM: Absolutely. I had nothing to do when I was a kid, being raised on a farm and all. Just me and my records, and yes I sang along into my comb while facing the mirror.

Martin: Oh yeah

BSW: At what age did you all start playing instruments or singing?

CM: I began singing when I was in my teens. Tried bass but got sidetracked with singing.

Martin: I began playing at 17

BSW: With your style being so diverse, do you find it hard to put it all together? I would have to assume that you all are very close and it just flows out, would that be a correct statement?

CM: Yes, we are like a family. We just do what works best for the song. We all came into this group with the agreement that we would be open minded to different styles, as we did not want to sound like anybody else.

Martin: We come up with the parts, CM starts singing and we get inspired for what comes next.

BSW: Is there a large market in Vancouver for the style of music that you are playing?

CM: Somewhat. We cross boundaries so sometimes we can be too punk for the metalheads and too metal for the punks. Yet many are open to what we are doing. We generally fit well on either bills.

Martin: We are pretty unique, it took a while for people to catch onto what we are doing, but they are.

BSW: Can you tell us a funny road story? Like what is the most outrageous thing that ever happened?

CM: Taco (guitar) had to take a dump on the side of the road and Matt (drummer) followed with a camera....priceless.

Martin: You had to be there.

BSW: What is the best thing about going on a road trip?

CM: You really get to know your band and get to know if they are in it for the long haul or not, as well as doing my "real job" not my "day job"

Martin: Exposure to new audiences and getting out of town.

BSW: If you could change one thing about the music scene, what would that be?

CM: I wish local bars would give bands guarantees to play. Promoters do the best they can with what they got but they dont make a lot of money. If a show goes belly up, the promoter loses money. Bar sales are not even factored into the mix. It all comes from the door.

Martin: Less cliquey. Not enough pure music enthusiasts that listen to everything. In Europe, you get the same audience for metal as you do for country. People are more open minded. I wish it was that way here.

BSW: How has the recording industry treated you thus far?

CM: Our engineer, Brian "Who Else" has been a great deal of support for us. He did our album and he is coming on tour with us. We couldn't have asked for anyone better. He is part of the "family"

Martin: We are a DIY band , we have our own label and distro. That is the way to do it nowadays. If you don't do it for yourself, noone will do it for you.

BSW: Is there any advice you could give to our up and comers?

CM: Do It Yourself....Noone is going to do it for you.

Martin: Don't be afraid to spend money on recording your album. It all starts with mics, if you can't afford to buy the stuff yourself it is worth it to go to a good studio with good gear and someone who knows how to run it.

BSW: Thank you very much for the interview. We apologize for not attending your show! But please make sure you keep us updated!

CM and Martin: Pick up our album, it sounds great!!! And come check out the show at the Zoo on Sept 3. You wont be dissapointed.

Bleeding Orange - "The tides of time are swift but they can only force us to evolve. Growth is a change for the better and bleedingORANGE is the epitome of evolution. Originally formed in 2000, the band now counts only 2 of its founding members, Ryan and Kevin. Following a spell of shifting lineups, bleedingORANGE has come out stronger and ever more determined." As quoted from their website.

BBSW: 1st off, who is Bleeding Orange and where are you all from?

BleedingO is Tyler – Bass/Vocals – Montreal, Rye – Guitar/vocals – Montreal, Eric – Guitar/Vocals – Montreal, and Kevin – Drums - Montreal

BSW: How long has everyone been playing for, individually?

BleedingO : BleedingORANGE has been around since 2000, this final line up has been together for about 3 years now. Kev and I (Rye) started the band 5 years ago and I used to be the singer of another band prior to bleedingO. As for Eric and Tyler, they have both played in bands before since the age of 16. I guess you can say we all began playing music at the age of 16.

BSW: You started off in 2000, and only have 2 of the original members left. Do you feel the current line up is solid now?

BleedingO : Totally!! We have had many great musicians join and leave our band over the last 5 years. Some have gone on and joined successful local bands and are still going strong. Each musician helped us mold our sound into what it is today.Basically we all get along with each other; we go out together, play sports together so we’re more like a family than anything.

BSW: Describe you writing process for us, and what you write about.

BleedingO : The way we write our music is simple, Eric and I write out the riffs, Kevin adds his kicks to it and Tyler backs it up with the bass. The lyrics are a little more difficult. We always kind of know what we want to sing about once we write the music, you can just feel it. Eric and Tyler mainly come up with the lyrics, I would have to say Eric is the lyrical artist in the band. Most of the songs are about love and shit like that…. Very original and has never been done before. ;) We write about whatever we feel, whatever experiences we encounter and things like that. Basically we write about things you read, see, hear and experience on a daily basis.

BSW: You released a cd last year called “In Chapter And Verse”. Tell us a little about this cd and where you recorded it. And most importantly, where can one get a copy of this?

BleedingO : The CD is entitled “In Chapter and Verse” and is in reference to our time in the band and how this album is a chapter of our story. We had recorded the EP about a year ago with Fern and Anna at the Sound Module ( in Montreal. Funny thing is, this recording studio is only a floor above our jam space, so it was very convenient for us.This particular album has been sold out, however you can get all the songs off our myspace page ( until our new album is released which should be in the next month or so. It has yet to be titled and will consist of 6 songs.

BSW: I hear that you have some new songs for recording. How do you feel these songs differ from the ones on “In Chapter And Verse”? And any idea when these songs will be available to the public?

BleedingO : The new songs will be released in the next month or so off our 3rd EP, which is still yet to be titled. I think people should expect a change from the last album. We are much heavier yet still maintain to keep the melody in our songs. I mean it’s great to listen and play heavy music with big break downs, but where’s the originality?You have to be able to enjoy the music you are listening to and we don’t want to be one of those bands that you just have 1 or 2 songs you like and play on repeat.I guess we have to wait and see what our fans think, for those who have heard the new songs…. they were not disappointed at all!

BSW: In June you started working with Wasted Youth Management, tell us about them.

BleedingO: We knew Chris G. a.k.a. “xChrisxChaosx” through some close friends of ours, about a year ago. We instantly got along with him and never really thought of him as our manager until he approached us with the idea. We were totally down for it from the get go and we have not regretted the decision since. He is one of the reasons for our success to date! It’s great to have a manager that thinks and acts like you do, he will always be apart of BleedingO.For more info about WYM, go to .

BSW: How would you describe your live performance? And where can your fans catch your next show?

BleedingO: Live performance…. A lot of guitar swinging, in your face screaming with a taste of comedy in between the songs…. We thrive on putting on good, entertaining shows which involve the crowd. We take shots at each other, joke around and try to just have fun! I guess the only way we can fully describe our shows it by you coming and making an opinion of your own!We have a few local Montreal shows coming up in the next few weeks, and then we launch our new EP and hopefully do an Eastern Canada tour for the winter and then a U.S. tour for next spring/summer.

BSW: Any plans on coming to Winnipeg? (We have an awesome scene here!)

BleedingO: Of Course!! We want to hit every major and small city in Canada as much as we can!! We have a great country and we want everyone in it to know Bleeding Orange!!

BSW: Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

BleedingO: I guess it would have to be… stay tuned, if you think you like what you hear now…. You haven’t heard or seen anything like what’s to come from us!!

BSW: Thanks so much for the interview! If you are ever in the ‘Peg, be sure to let us know!

BleedingO: You will be the first to know!!! Thank you!

Kristie Allen

Cindy Massey

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