Postcards from Uncle Muddy

We all have Uncles, with strange tales of their youth that at times seem so deranged and outlandish that if not for the conviction in his voice, we wouldn't believe him. These are the postcards, his rants, his stories recorded, if you will, from our Uncle Muddy. Uncle Muddy lives in Kenora, Ontario, a strange hermit type character who enjoys music, literature, and alcohol. If you should see Uncle Muddy, we recommend you run the other way as he is generally drunk, disorderly, and usually under police surveillance.

This first dispatch is a small rant, Uncle Muddy has promised a concert review as soon as we deliver his Fourty of Whiskey.

Oh Ringo… you were always the underdog. Now I know, even Microsoft believes it to be true. This is a strange experiment, but bear with me… type the names of the Beatles into Microsoft Word… John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison are all accepted as being spelled correctly… however, you don’t even get to Starr, and Ringo prompts those angry red squiggles indicating a spelling error. The day may come when Ringo is all we have left of the Beatles…(even the word Beatles goes in without objection) and then all you fans will be saying how Ringo was always your favorite. But we’ll know the truth, you hate the song ‘Yellow Submarine’, sure, it’s ok to admit it now, you still have Paul, but when he’s gone, you’re stuck. Ringo, is one of the most talented drummers alive, he was always on the beat, never faltered, always had fantastic percussion and ideas swirling around that helped make the songs what they are. Could you imagine “A day in the Life”, or “Tomorrow never knows” without his astounding percussion. Absolutely the songs would’ve been good, but Ringo made them great. The drums were never really out front, you could miss them if you’re not listening, but listen again, behind the stacks of vocals, guitars, and other studio business is Ringo, keeping the beat. So, in honour of Ringo, do the right thing… type in Ringo, spell check, and add it to your dictionary. It’s the least we could do. When you’re done that, maybe give “Yellow Submarine” a listen.

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