Backstage Winnipeg CD Reviews

By Curt T.


Canadian rochers The Perms have turned on the energy with their newest album "Better Days". This hooky 11 track recording is full of thoughful arrangements and delicious harmonies.

If you love a bit of new wave music ( a la Elvis Costello) in your rock n' roll, The Perms have just what you need.

Track 3 "Let's Not Fight" is a powerful song that will get your booty shakin. The newt track "While I'm Away" packs just as much punch with a guitar solo that I really liked.

The Perms are composed of Shane Smith, Chad Smith, Scott Perot and Mary Chapman.

It's important to remember these names, you're gonna hear a lot of them in the future.

3 out of 5 ***

You can find out more about The Perms at

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