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Archer Avenue

If you enjoy bands such as Blue Rodeo, The Jayhawks or Sloan, then Archer Avenue may peek your interest.

The album entitled “We Watched the Headlights, We Watched The Stars” was created at Doghouse Studios in Burbank, CA and produced by Tony Rambo. Grammy Award winning Producer and guitar extraordinaire Pete Anderson discovered this four piece through guitarist Marc in El Paso (their neck of the woods for we Canucks), only days after doing a regional tour.

Jack, Stephan, Marc and Dave have managed to create a fantastic c.d. with catchy songs that are very consistant throughout the whole record. I thought the packaging (also known as the “album cover” for all you blue collar workers), was excellent. The overall sound was pro, but for some reason I thought that it sounded a bit muddy and thin…not to a great degree, but maybe something in the mastering process. (Must have been working on Simon Cowell’s latest discovery that day.)

If these guys happen to be in your neck of the woods, I would highly recommend going to see them! Check them out at

"Archer Avenue"

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