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Dr.Rage And The Uppercuts

By Curt T.

I loved the name of this band as soon as I saw a poster just hanging out at the King’s Head Pub with some friends. The bottom of the poster stated that they were to play upstairs that night. It was unfortunate for my self, that my friends wanted to leave. Too bad, I probably missed a great show.

The album is printed in a professional manner; definitely better than the average indie album. Groovin’, rockin’, blues, jam-rock; all words that can be used to describe the sounds being enjoyed on my stereo. Kind of has that indie “New Meanies” (Blue Meanies back then), old Aerosmith, Grand Funk sound.

The songs lay in pretty good and the production was fantastic. (Kudos to Dr.Rage for creating such an in-your-face recording.) If this was mixed and mastered pro, it would be even better.

Hopefully we’ll see each other at Dr. Rage & The Uppercuts next show.

You can check them out at

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