Backstage Winnipeg CD Reviews

By Cindy Massey

Art I Miss & Optimus Pryme

This project hails out of Toronto, Jamaica and NYC. Wow, that’s pretty spread apart. All their information can be read by going to their link. They will be performing June 3rd in Toronto.

This hip hop sounding music is comparable to the dance music. It sounds very today. 

The first track on their myspace is called “Good Morning”. I like the beat in this one and it is definitely not one of the kinds of bands that copies other people’s tracks and puts their own stuff to it. It has nice keyboard sounds that don’t overshadow but compliment the vocals.

The second track is “Reality TV”. It starts off with a female telling the story of how she stole a car. Again very danceable beat, I can see this stuff taking off in a big way. Very popular in the dance bars I’m sure.

The third track is “High School Reunion”. It starts off with girls making fun of boys, nice touch and very comical. Then when you’re not paying attention, there are low vocals that almost put you in a trance, with a very gyrating kind of beat. Oh yeah this would make the girls dance.  This track will make the milkshakes bring the boys to the yard, oh yeah boyzzzzzzz.

The fourth track is “The Sky is Falling”. It starts off with that deep voice and man it just grooves. Again these tracks aren’t over someone else’s music which says a lot for the band. 

Their music is comical but can talk about every day issues as well as end of times politics. They really cover a lot of area. I would buy this, very easy to listen to and it makes you wanna dance or gyrate. Yup put that in and cuddle up with your honey. I’ll say no more.

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