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By Curt T.


For those of you that love your music heavy, German metal rockers Antidoctrine have releases a 13 track debut album entitled "A Wroldwide Elite And It's Downfall". It's important to note that this isn't just another Slayer influenced group. Theis brute force album has caught the attention of those at RoadRunner Records and together they have released a very pro album, guanranteed to have your head bangingso hard that you'll have to down a few painkillers the next day.

The band consists of vocalist Carsten, guitarists Philip and Adnan, drummer extrodinaire Markus and bottom end bass player Basty. No need for last names.

I was really impressed by the bands theory of ditching classic song structures and doing it thier own way that will surely take you on their journey if full force, reagin aggressiveness.

3 out of 5 ***

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