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Twin Wrecks the Memory

Twin Wrecks the Memory is a quartet from Chicago , IL who has released their latest disc entitled, “Royal Drug Lodge.” The first thing one would recognize from listening to this offering is the similarity of snotty, punk-based rock groups the Stooges and Sonic Youth.

While the production falls flat in a few areas, overall, this is a decent release from a relatively established act (formed in 2000) who have managed to capture the raw sound of early punk artists while retaining a grungy garage band sound.

I appreciate the angst of punk rock and have a fondness for it myself yet any listener of the disc might grow weary of the distorted vocals and guitar riffs that find themselves repeating in each song.

The artwork of this disc is simple and almost comical with the inverted American flag hanging inside the j-card and the hand-drawn skull on the inner panel of the jewel tray. Check out Twin Wrecks the Memory at

Best Tracks

Riot Ready

Finger Pointer

Kiss Ride Kill

3 ½ Gavels out of 5

Twin Wrecks The Memory, "Royal Drug Lodge"

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