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The Fascinating Life of a Businessman” is the 2005 release from Home Pharmacy on May Flour Records. Imagine electronica meets heavy metal and you have a disc that closely resembles a Skinny Puppy or Voivod album.

While the tracks on the disc are interesting and will please some listeners, you tend to find that half of the album has fairly good production whereas the rest of the album appears to have been recorded elsewhere or less time was spent mixing and mastering the first few tracks on the disc.

Home Pharmacy consists of two guys who play guitar and bass along computer sequenced drums and keyboards. This is a creative concept for sure although it does sound distorted through any stereo when turned up loud. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad album but Home Pharmacy could have spent more time keeping all the songs somewhat similar in the production area.

As a side note, you will be very impressed with what they have done with the album art. The CD itself looks better than any other disc I have seen. Kudos to Home Pharmacy for introducing such a concept and design. Check out and judge for yourself.

Best Songs

Why Didn't You Say So


That's My Fucking Job

3 ½ Gavels out of 5

Home Pharmacy, "The Fascinating Life of a Businessman"

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