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18 Rabbit

“Our Place In The Shadows”

Damn! I love it when bands love to rock out!

18 Rabbit is from Brandon, MB and creates all these sounds with only 3 members; Darrin Chevewayko, Ryan Felstead and Leslie Mitchell.

The album entitled “Our Place In The Shadows” has 9 tracks that obviously were well thought out. The lyrics are interesting to listen to and let you connect with the song abit like Roger Daltry, if I may say so. Of course I’m not comparing anything to “The Who”…

Some tracks are much better than others, just like any album, so I won’t say which ones I liked; that’s for you to decide.

I wasn’t really into the singing as much as his lyrics, but I’m only one person. I think that a great singer would push this group into new heights.

Then of course Motorhead has Lemmy…

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18 Rabbit "Our Place In The Shadows"

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