Interview with Living With Lions

By Lara

Living with lions is an exceptional band out of BC. Their music is well, in my opinion awesome. They remind me of a band out of St. Catherine’s Ontario, Socialight (that is a whole different interview, but I love them)... punk and edgy. I can see Living With Lions going places, hopefully to a city near you. So from my laptop for your reading pleasure here it is straight from Loren the drummer’s fingers… Everything y’all need to know about Living With Lions.

BSW - When and how did you become interested in music?

LWL - My parents forced me into it as a child. Probably around the age of 5ish. 


BSW - What are your musical influences?

LWL - Anything that gets me moving. The artist always change, but they all need to have that special something. 


BSW - Does anyone else in your family play music?

LWL - I grew up in a family where everyone played whatever was laying around. except my dad. He always joked he played the cd player..  I liked to F around with my sisters violin but only cause it upset her. 


BSW - Where do you see the band 5 years from now?

LWL - We'll probably have kicked everyone out of the band until no original members exist. But only for the good of the band. 


BSW - What else do you do besides play music?

LWL - I like waterslides. Lots. 


BSW - Why did you decide to write Wrong Place Right Time?

LWL - It just happened, that's how it came out.


BSW - What is that song about?

LWL - It's just about being ready for anything, good or bad, and being able to deal with it the best way possible.

BSW - What does it take to play a song like that?

LWL - Some 'Mario Kart' and a bit of weed ha! 


BSW - What is special about that song?

LWL - That song was written a long time ago, just after we did a California tour with straight edge hardcore band Set It Straight.  Those guys were the most positive fun guys we'd ever met, not to mention they play some pretty bad ass music.  They definatly inspired that song.

BSW - What is it about the way you play that song that makes it different from other songs?

LWL - I don't know if we play it different from other songs, but it's a more uplifting song than a lot of the other ones on the record, so if we're smiling a little more during that song, that's probably why.

BSW- Why did you choose this music genre?

LWL - Of course we all loved the style of music growing up, but I think it's more about what comes out of the instruments when we jam together.  You could almost say the genre chose us.  Or maybe you could say it was completely out of our hands and that the music gods just spun a big flashy wheel, "O-fortune" style, randomly choosing our fates!   You know what?  The wheel thing sounds cool, lets go with that. 


BSW - How did you come up with your band name? 

LWL - Pretty sure it was from a Southpark episode where the Token kid decides to go live with lions at a zoo.  He wants to fit in with these badass lions, but soon realizes they're just a buncha clowns.  Much like ourselves perhaps?  IDK.  All i remember is Matt our singer bursting out of the shower wearing only a towel, and being really excited about this new name he'd thought of.  How do you say no to that?


BSW - What's new in the recording of your music?

LWL - Hmm,  we tried not to switch it up too much from the e.p, but just focused on writing greater songs.  We really like high energy so that's defenitely something you can expect from the new album. 


BSW - How do you describe your music to people?

LWL - One word --> "It's the best"


BSW - When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?

LWL - I got chills when i first heard the Fake roaring of the crowd on Blink 182's "Mark Tom and Travis show."  Oddly enough I still do.   


BSW - What is it you love most about your fans?

LWL - The  fans are the only reason we can do what we do, so I'd have to say.. their cool haircuts. 


BSW - What do you want your fans to get most from your music?

LWL - Hopefully just some good background noise at a killer party!  Actually when I think about it, theres always been cd's that I associate with certain times of my life.  And if anyone was listen to "Make Your Mark"  years from now and think back on good times, then we know our job is done. 


BSW - When can your fans expect the next CD out?  

LWL -  We're only 5 guys, not Christophen Walkin.   Be patient with us, and the tunes will come!   

BSW - Is there a place to purchase your CD and other merchandise?

LWL - You can find LWL music at your local cd stores across Canada, and online at your friendly itune's!  Merch we have posted on our myspace (, OR your best bet would be to track us down at a show where we have all the latest and greatest!   


BSW - And most importantly... Could you tell me about your tour plans?

LWL - We love touring almost as much as Landon loves his cocoa body butter!  So we definitely plan on doing lots.  This current tour takes us across Canada, and then down into the eastern States!   It'll be great!  Playing the familiar places, but also trying to focus a lot on places we've never been!  Hopefully that keeps everyone out there happy!
Loren – LWL

BSW - There you have it… raw and un edited what can I say… I love my job. Now if I could just get the interview with…

Actually why don’t you guys tell me who you’d like me to interview… Let me know which band you want me to interview and I’ll do my best to get it to you.

Remember without music…life is silent