September - October, 2004

Featuring: Malice Cooper, After All These Years, AMF, Devoid, Dreadnaut, Buckethitch, Seismic Anamoly

November - December 2004

Featuring: Malice Cooper with new members, Suiciety, Resistance, The Rejected, Serrated Scalpel, The Shimmys, Ditchpig, Jay - From Indie Concerts

January - February 2005

Featuring: Blush, PJ Burton of The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell, Arctic Circle, One Black Rose, Matt Williams, Gordo

March - April 2005

Featuring: Dear Screaming, Quinzy,Wazooka

May - June 2005

Featuring: Projektor, Red Blanket, Sick City, Off Your Bike, The Hearsemen, Knuckleduster

July - August 2005

Featuring: 20 Pound Shovel, WaySideSoul, Chocolate Bunnies From Hell, Forgetful Jones, In My Trunk, The Vincent Black Shadow, The Antigravity Project, Spectral Echoes, Special Ops, Sittin Idol, Tripchord, Flatline, Prophecy

September - October 2005

Featuring: Crematorium, Arumai, Autumn Avanue, The One Eyed Jacks, Twelve34, Floor Thirteen, The New Aesthetic, The Caustic, Death By Incest, Splatter, Bleeding Orange

November - December 2005

Featuring: Nathan From Sidelined Productions, The Perms, Rocketface, 18 Rabbit, Incura, Curtis Cowan, Spookhaus, AVS, Pornocracy, Twin Wrecks The Memory

January - February 2006

Featuring: Lynchpin, Subsistance, Penetrator, Home Pharmacy, Cunt Punisher, PSG, Pat Zelenka, Arctic Flame, All The Brightness, Anti Doctrine, The Sheckies

March - April 2006

Featuring: Cyclone Records, Silent Observer Productions,Allentown Sluts, Brian David Melnyk, Dr.Rage & The Uppercuts, Influation, Inner Surge, Ligeia, Only Forward, Backstage Winnipeg, Neal Pinto, Gloria of Phantompalooza, A Wig Factory, Jason M. Burns, Auraik, Conformity Lifestyle Clothing, Dragonfly

May - June 2006

Jd Era, Eight Fingers Down, Devils Food, Wax Mannequin

July 2006





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