HCE is a trio based in Winnipeg, Canada, featuring Matt Laberge (guitar/vocals), Matt Powers 'Sours' (drums/vocals) and James Wilkinson (bass). To slap a genre on the group would be unfair to the band as well as to the listener. While so many acts claim to have the cutting edge originality that everyone has been looking for, HCE's sound in all truth is undefinable. With a extremely wide range of musical influences (Melvins, Portishead, The Beatles, Pixies), HCE arrived at a sound which is heavy, noisy and experimental, yet catchy and memorable.

The group was founded in 1998 by Laberge and Powers. The two met when their bands were booked on the same bill at a local Winnipeg bar and were instantly drawn to each others unique musical styles. After 5 years of local shows, a couple Canadian tours, a full length album, a music video and countless unsuitable bass and guitar players, they finally decided the band was best suited as a three piece and HCE was truly born. The pair started from scratch and took on full song writing responsibility, working toward the creative vision they've always had without compromising to the egos and shortsightedness of others. A second album and a couple bass players later they finally met Wilkinson and the final piece of the puzzle was in place.