A heavy rock band that got their name from a Catherine Wheel song, KILL RHYTHM is an anomaly in a cookie cutter music scene; an act with character beyond simple classification. Heavy, dynamic, melodic riff rock flaunting big grooves and memorable choruses make their independently released 10 song debut a standout of 2007.

Hailing from Vancouver Canada, the members of KILL RHYTHM have earned their stripes both individually, and now as a collective. Each has weathered the many pitfalls that have ended many a career, yet their passion to create new and exciting music prevails.

Garth – Lead Vocals

With his former band Flybanger (Columbia), Garth earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most commanding front men. Onstage and through his lyrics, Garth projects strength, positive energy and determination

Rob Thiessen – Bass / Vocals

As chief songwriter / lyricist in Noise Therapy (A&M, Redline), Rob honed his skill - writing infectious songs about real life experience laced with a sarcastic edge. Originally the group’s sole vocalist, Rob’s onstage antics play the perfect compliment to Garth.

Chris “Weasel” Gorst – Guitar

A stint as drummer for Holly McNarland (Universal) earned Weasel the distinct honor of being the only member of KILL RHYTHM to have played Lilith Fair. Switching to guitar later on, his powerhouse riff writing has been responsible for spawning many of the band’s most popular songs.

Michael Johnston– Guitar

A well known performer around the Vancouver club scene, Michael has played in a number of different projects ranging in style from pop rock to punk, metal to industrial. Preferring open and experimental chords to the typical, he brings a blast of energy to the band’s live show.

Wade – Drums

Well respected in the Canadian metal scene, Wade plays with precision, adding dynamics to the KILL RHYTHM sound. It’s no wonder he has maintained his endorsements with Pearl, Sabian and Pro-Mark years after his former band Flybanger (Columbia) made their mark on the international circuit.

Boasting keen work ethic, an explosive live show and years of combined professional experience, KILL RHYTHM has become a top draw in their local market, a trend that will surely continue as the band breaks their live show into new territory in 2008.