Over a year in the making. month after month of rehersals, only now, in 2004 ready to be unleashed. DEVOID has arrived, the coming together of four unique individuals has sparked a unique blend of metal that will surly take hold of the listeners senses and refuse to let go. The job of lead vocals and lead guitar falls on the shoulders of seasoned front man Chris Wood. professionally trained with years of live and studio experience, his on stage persona commands attention while still delivering his brand of angst driven metal to the listening audience. Steve Morovek was given the duties of rhythm guitar and backing vocals and doesn’t falter on either. The powerful guitar based rhythms let loose by Steve's amplifiers lays waste to all in his path and the combination of Steve and Ed's backing vocals brings a new edge to Devoid's style of music. Pounding funk induced drumming is where Ed Kosa comes in, another seasoned veteran of the stage, Ed delivers perfect meter, immaculate timing and a flair unseen by Winnipeg audiences in a long time. the back bone of Devoid, Ed's harmony, and sometime lead vocals play a major part in Devoid's overall sound. The low end, the heaviness, the dark side of the music. This is where Trevor Harper prowls.a long time touring companion of Chris’s, Trevor's thundering bass lines and attitude filled stage presence is just the right compliment to the other devoid musicians. Devoid's thick, rich harmonies and devastating frontal assault style of metal, has to be seen to be believed, four individuals, one goal. Devoid has arrived.


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